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Marcus Epps running for Mayor of Euclid 2023 SEEKING SISTER WIFE

Seeking Sister Wife star Marcus Epps has officially announced he is running for Mayor of Euclid, Ohio!

Keep reading to watch his announcement video. Plus, we run down some of the obstacles Marcus is going to have to overcome in order to get elected — including being openly polygamous, having at least ten kids, unpaid Ohio property taxes, previous scandals, a domestic violence arrest, living in Florida, and more!

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Epps family and Christeline split up

The estranged wife of Seeking Sister Wife couple Ashley and Dimitri Snowden has struck out with another family from the show.

Christeline “Chrissy” Peterson confirmed late last year that she was officially dating Taryn, India and Marcus Epps from Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, but she just revealed on Instagram that she is no longer with the family.

Plus, an update on Christeline and Dimitri’s divorce, and India shares a post suggesting that first wife Taryn no longer wants a poly relationship!

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Epps family evicted in FL, but they’re fighting back EXCLUSIVE

The Epps family from TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife may be looking for a new place to live after their Florida landlord filed to have them evicted from their Orlando home in March! The judge issued a default judgment in favor of the landlord on April 7, but the Epps wives have filed a motion to have the judgment vacated.

Not only do the Epps seem to have a very solid reason to have the judgment vacated, but their 97-page answer to the eviction filing has A LOT of receipts that seem to indicate their landlords have not lived up to their end of the lease agreement! As a matter of fact, the Epps family are countersuing the landlords for more than $12,000!

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Marcus Epps running for Euclid City Council re-election

Seeking Sister Wife star Marcus Epps just announced that he plans to run for re-election to the Euclid City Council. Apparently, Marcus is not worried about coming out on national television as a polygamist, multiple scandals in his past, still owing A LOT of property tax, and appearing as though he and his family actually live in Florida a lot of the time.

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Dimitri Snowden’s ex Christeline officially joins Marcus Epps’ family

Christeline Peterson’s rumored Seeking Sister Wife husband hopping has been confirmed! Ashley and Dimitri Snowden’s estranged wife has issued a statement announcing that she has indeed joined the Epps family from Seeking Sister Wife Season 4. Keep reading for her statement, and we also check in on her divorce from Dimitri!

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Why are the Epps in Florida? Do they own the Orlando house?

There are quite a few questions surrounding the Epps family from TLC’s Seeking sister Wife reality series. We’ve previously reported on the questions surrounding Marcus Epps’ multiple political scandals, the fact that he has at least 10 children, and his prior domestic violence arrest. However, we haven’t addressed a couple of the most asked questions from Season 5 viewers: Why is Marcus Epps and the rest of the Epps family living in Florida? Do they own their house in Orlando?

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Marcus Epps has 10 children, was married before Taryn, plus more!

Seeking Sister Wife stars Marcus Epps, his wife Taryn Lindsey, and their fiancée India Rosser did an Instagram live after they made their debut on Monday night’s episode. The trio seemed pleased overall with how they were portrayed, but they did clarify a few things that were either misleading or just plain wrong. Plus, we try to answer a few more unanswered questions about the Epps.