Kim Kardashian used her money to change over 50 women’s lives

Over Mothers Day, Kim Kardashian used her money to change the lives of over 50 women on parole and probation.

The star of Hulu’s The Kardashians legal career continues to thrive as she works hard towards becoming an official lawyer.

Kim Kardashian: Lawyer

Many know Kim Kardashian as a reality star – first featured on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and most recently on their Hulu venture The Kardashians, which has a third season debuting soon!

Spending the last few decades as an influencer, model, actress, and CEO, the SKIMS founder has recently begun working in the field of criminal justice – there’s nothing she cant do!

Following in the footsteps of her late father Robert Kardashian, famously part of OJ Simpson’s legal defense team, Kim Kardashian has been studying hard to be an official lawyer and even plans to take the California Bar Exam.

Women Incarcerated

Kardashian has done a lot for people who are currently serving sentences, whether they have been wrongfully accused, overly punished, or simply can’t afford to pay their legal fees.

Working with former President Trump to pass the First Step Act, the bill saw the “commuted the sentences of three deserving women from prison.” During their collaboration, the reality star also helped grant clemency to eleven people in total.

Kim has impacted so many females who are trapped in the system, and on Mother’s Day 2023 the mom of 4 did something absolutely remarkable – using her own money to free women who cannot escape the insurmountable fees required to finish their paroles on their own.

Mother’s Day 2023

This year, Kardashian partnered with Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin to help pay it forward. While the famous Kar-Jenners often get judged for how they spend their money, this time they used it for a great cause.

In an Instagram post, the star of The Kardashians explained how she paid off the debts of over 50 previously jailed mothers.

Thousands of mothers are stuck on probation or parole just because they can’t afford to pay off their restitution, fines, and fees. While on probation they are at constant risk of being returned to prison or jail- not for committing a new crime but for technical violations like missing a meeting with their probation officer. In celebration of Mother’s Day, I’ve partnered with @MichaelRubin to pay off the remaining restitution of more than 50 mothers across the country to give these women the second chance they’ve earned. Thank you Danielle, Drew, and Tarlexus for sharing your stories with us.

We can fix this broken system but need your support to join the movement visit @REFORM and thank you @jessicajackson

We can’t wait to see more of the amazing work lawyer Kim Kardashian does. Looks like people who judge her for being superficial truly are NOT “keeping up.”

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