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UNEXPECTED Tyra Boisseau house fire details, video, GoFundMe link

Unexpected mom Tyra Boisseau, who is currently 36 weeks pregnant with a baby boy, returned home Sunday to find her home gutted by an electrical fire. The 22-year-old says she has to “replace everything in my home since nothing was able to be saved.”

Keep reading for Tyra’s post, which included photos of the damage and a link to a GoFundMe campaign started by her sister, Tiarra.

TLC UNEXPECTED Meet new moms Rilah, Tyra and Tiarra: Bios, social media links, baby deets and more!

TLC just released the brand new preview trailer for Unexpected Season 3, which features four brand new couples! The trailer only featured brief scenes with each, but we’ve done some online detective work and have some more biographical details on most of the new cast members, including social media links and lots of photos! Keep reading to get to know Rilah, Tyra, and Tiarra, their three daughters, and the babies’ three dads!