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Below Deck chef Rachel Hargrove is doing stand-up comedy now! VIDEO

Below Deck chef Rachel Hargrove is testing the waters for a potential new career as a stand-up comedian!

The 41-year-old yachtie made her official stand-up debut at the Improv Comedy Club in West Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday night. Keep reading to watch a video of her full set! Plus, details from a recent interview in which Rachel explains how she got into stand-up comedy, and whether or not she plans to pursue it full time.

What is Louis CK doing?

Louis CK has never been a completely guilt-free experience, and he himself has never wanted to be. But in light of the verified sexual misconduct claims against him, his strangely mean-spirited new material, and his attempts at censoring his audience, it’s worth asking: exactly what is Louis CK doing, these days?