GYPSY SISTERS Kayla’s ex-husband Douglas Cooper has died at 37

Gypsy Sisters Kayla Williams' ex-husband Douglas Cooper died at age 37

We have some sad news to report for fans of TLC’s Gypsy Sisters. Douglas Cooper, the ex-husband of show star Kayla Williams, has passed away at just 37 years old.

There were reports of Doug’s passing on several Gypsy Sisters forums last weekend, and those reports were confirmed with a post from Keyser Carr Simpson Hammerl Funeral Services earlier this week.

The site doesn’t offer a written obituary, but does have a lengthy memorial slideshow. It’s unclear at this time what the cause of death was.

As the memorial page states, Doug’s funeral was earlier today. There was a reception held immediately after the burial at Full Gospel Rock Church in Saugerties, NY.

Here are a couple photos from the service shared by a family member on Facebook:

At the time of his passing, Douglas was married to a woman named MaryAnnie. The couple welcomed a baby, Douglas Cooper III, in early January of this year.

Doug’s niece described her uncle on Sunday as “one of a kind with one of the biggest hearts I know.” She added on Monday: “My uncle had [babies that] needed him, he had a wife that needed him, he had his whole life ahead of him.”

Our thoughts are with Doug’s family and friends.

Gypsy Sisters Kayla Cooper wedding

Kayla and Doug’s marriage

Kayla and Douglas got married in October of 2017, well after her appearances on Gypsy Sisters. She was married to her first husband, Richard, for 17 years. Their split was a major story line on Gypsy Sisters.

Kayla has reportedly married several times since the show was cancelled. She was in a serious relationship with a man named Tyler Mumaw in August of 2014, but it’s unclear if they made it official by walking down the aisle.

When Douglas and Kayla were wed in 2017, it was after quite a few delays as both of them were waiting for divorces to be finalized. Doug’s turned out to be the most problematic, and took the longest time to finalize.

Less than two weeks after Kayla and Doug were married, he ran into some serious legal problems that landed him in jail. I do not know how long the couple remained together and/or married.

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