LOVE, HONOR, BETRAY How Deborah Jones helped convict her husband Gerard Pepin for sex crimes

In 2004 Deborah Jones was living in Skowhegan, Maine and working in the mental health field, which she really liked. She had been married and divorced before, but she was now single so she decided to try out online dating, which is how she connected with Gerard Pepin. They had a lot in common and he checked a lot of boxes for Deborah, so she was excited to talk to him and meet him. He worked with at-risk teens, which was close to Deborah’s profession. They soon got married, but she soon found out that her new husband was not who she thought he was.


LINKS Queen Rihanna’s reign begins, Josh Duggar’s woes continue, Dr. Oz danger…

THE BLASTIt seems Queen Rihanna might be expecting her first child? Rumors are swirling that the Barbadian monarch might be expecting with boyfriend A$AP Rocky. I don’t know if this means Rihanna won her long-simmering feud with Kendall Jenner or not

LAINEY GOSSIPOh — and I’m calling her “Queen Rihanna” because Barbados has officially divorced itself from the British monarchy. And they named Rihanna a “National Hero” at the same ceremony, so she now has an official title: “The Right Honourable Robyn Rihanna Fenty.” But I think it works better if we just shorten that to “Queen”

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPApparently Anna Duggar believes her still-husband Josh was “framed by the Biden administration” for those pesky child pornography charges. So the answer to this article’s headline would appear to be…probably?

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPSpeaking of Josh’s now-underway trial on the aforementioned charges, Jim Bob himself recently took the stand. He mostly hemmed and hawed, and also tried to “challenge the judge multiple times” (none of which worked). Derek Dillard must be kicking himself he didn’t start law school sooner so he could cross-examine Jim Bob for this one

DLISTEDDr. Oz is running for retiring Senator Pat Toomey’s seat in Pennsylvania next year. My original intention was to put a joke here, but then I remembered the last time a reality TV huckster with questionable credentials ran for high office in this country. Fortunately, Pennsylvania has a way of dealing with people like that

CELEBITCHYI get what Seth Rogen is saying here, but it kind of sounds like he wants people to break into his car?

PAJIBAThe GBBO finale was a huge surprise to me. (And I won’t spoil it just in case you still haven’t seen it.) I just expected one of the ***** *** people to win, because this season has been the most standard reality TV of the entire Bake Off run, and ***** *** people will dominate reality TV forever. The spatula bit was dumb as hell though

REALITY TEA“Gizelle Bryant And Robyn Dixon Say Robyn Almost Didn’t Get On Real Housewives Of Potomac Because She Made An Awful First Impression On Casting Director”

GO FUG YOURSELFHere’s every single outfit Lady Gaga wore while doing press for House of Gucci. I would have guessed there were more than ten? but GFY’s headlines don’t lie, so ten looks it is. That Lanvin coat is a beautiful, dangerous dream from which I do not want to wake up

VOXJack Dorsey is leaving Twitter so he can spend more time writing the new Baroness album (Also, I thought of this joke before these guys wrote it but they’re the ones who wrote it, so credit where it’s due)

JEZEBELFinally, since it’s now December, enjoy the first of many gift guides. Today’s selection: “Gifts for the Home Cook Who Isn’t Doing It For the ‘Gram”


Teen Mom Girls’ Night In is OG moms reacting to Teen Mom 2 episodes, much like Pillow Talk

Watch the preview trailer for Teen Mom: Family Reunion and get details about the new show. Plus, find out about another new Teen Mom spin-off titled Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In! This show is similar to 90 Day Fiance‘s Pillow Talk with OG moms watching episodes of Teen Mom 2 and offering up their reactions.


Louise Turpin had a shopping and gambling addiction

What happened to the 13 Turpin children is unimaginable. The children grew up starving, were constantly in filth, were chained up for punishment, and were denied education. Even after they reached legal age, they were unable to leave the horrible captivity at the hands of their parents, Louise and David Turpin. Although their family was large, the father David was a computer engineer who always had a good job, but it wasn’t enough to sustain shopping and gambling addictions. Financial strain from poor personal decisions and compulsions is woven deep into the horrible Turpin family story.