Who’s the father of Gypsy Rose’s baby? Why Ryan may be on the birth certificate

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who served time for her role in her mother’s 2015 murder, announced that she’s pregnant. The official announcement came Tuesday, July 9, but she had previously fueled speculation about a pregnancy by briefly posting a positive test on Instagram.

Gypsy shared a photoshoot collage and a YouTube video confirming the pregnancy.

Gypsy Rose filed for divorce from her husband Ryan Anderson in early April 204, just a few months after she moved in with him after being released from prison December 28, 2023. She immediately started dating her former fiancé Ken Urker. Because of the short time frame between the two relationships many are wondering who the father of her baby is.

According to Gypsy, Ken is the father and the pregnant was “not planned at all.”

“This was completely unexpected, but we’re both very excited to take on this new journey of parenthood,” she said in her announcement video.

The baby is due January 2025, which will clock in a little past the anniversary of her prison release.

Is the baby really Ken’s and not Ryan’s

Gypsy appeared in a Good Morning America interview to reassure everyone that Ken is the father

“It was mid March when I left Ryan. So, this is absolutely 100% Ken’s baby,” Gypsy said. “There was never any question of paternity.”

Why Ryan may be listed as the father on the birth certificate

Unless Gypsy establishes legally that Ken is the father of her child, Ryan may be listed as a the father by default because of Louisiana law.

“If the mother is married to someone other than the biological father when the child was conceived or has been divorced for less than 300 days at the time of birth, the husband/ex-husband shall be the presumed father, unless paternity is established for the biological father,” the law states.

Is Gypsy Rose ready to be a mother?

In her video, Gypsy Rose responds to critics who feel like she’s not ready to be a mother.

“I don’t know if anyone’s really ready to be a mother,” she said in response. Still, she says she wants to be a good mother and that she wants to be “everything” her own mother Dee Dee Blanchard wasn’t.

Gypsy also says that she has an “unconventional” relationship with Ken and says that they both came from broken homes so they have a united front to raise their own child differently.

Past pregnancy scares

On last week’s episode of her Lifetime reality show Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup, Gypsy Rose filmed herself taking the Plan B pill after she had unprotected sex with her husband Ryan. Gypsy Rose’s sister Mia guided her to take the pill after she told her about the encounter during a segment filmed for the show.

Gypsy then recorded a video of Ryan reacting to her sharing this news to the reality TV audience as evidence of him “flipping out.”

In this same episode Gypsy’s stepmom Kristy, who was still in contact with Gypsy’s ex Ken, shared with Gypsy why he broke up with her when she was still in prison. Apparently, Ken let her go so she could go find herself, which honestly sounds like the plot to a 90210 episode and not real life.

After this, Gypsy was unable to let the thought of Ken go. She almost immediately dyed her hair blonde after mentioning that Ken prefers blonds. She says she would even wake up her husband Ryan in the middle of the night to tell him she couldn’t stop talking bout Ken.

Gypsy’s continued love triangle

After Gypsy left her husband Ryan to be with Ken, the tensions between them all continued. Gypsy, Ken, and Ryan all frequently livestream.

Ryan messaged Gypsy during one of her livestreams with Ken from a different number because she has blocked his number. Gypsy has admitted that she could change her phone number but chooses not to.

How does Ryan feel about Gypsy’s pregnancy

Ryan often talks highly of Gypsy on stream, and sometimes gets emotional talking about her. He also wished Gypsy well if she was pregnant after she flashed the Clearblue pregnancy test on Instagram.

Ryan also claimed that Gypsy called him very recently. “She called me last Saturday talking about she missed me, and of course I miss you,” Ryan said a few weeks ago. “She said a lot of others things too. But, I’m not gonna go there because I want to be respectful.”

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