TIKTOK Was Tam Lancaster once The Disney Channel’s biggest star? What show was she on?

Tam Lancaster (@tamlancaster), a 21-year-old British nursing student had a video hit over 2 million views in 2 days because it claimed she was “literally” The Disney Channel’s “biggest star in 2007-10” over a snippet of The Cardigan’s “Lovefool.” She included one hashtag: #ForgottenStars. The only problem is that not only is she not immediately recognizable, but a search for her name brings back no information about what show she may have starred in. Is this real, or a joke?


BELOW DECK MED is Chef Mat’s food actually good?

Chef Mathew Shea has proven to be unreliable during his stint on Season 6 of Below Deck: Mediterranean, but his food has been a remarkable hit with the guests. Aside from the fact that he forgot to make one guest a special entrée during a family-style meal, his food hasn’t received any complaints so far. Is his food really that good?


Naked and Afraid of Love Cassalei Jackson is Kevin Federline’s stepdaughter, has a child with Zoey 101 actor Chris Massey

If Naked and Afraid of Love star Cassalei Jackson seems familiar to viewers, that is probably because she has close ties to three rather famous celebrities. Plus, she has previously appeared on another reality series. Keep reading to get the full scoop, which includes an arrest, a restraining order, and Britney Spears!


I LOVE A MAMA’S BOY Bryan invited his mom Jayne on his honeymoon without his wife’s knowledge

Tracy (30) her fiancé Bryan Van Carter (29) from Season 2 of I Love a Moma’s Boy live in Miami, Florida. They met in college when he was a basketball player and she was a cheerleader. They’ve been together for 10 years and are finally getting married. What Tracy doesn’t know, however, is that Bryan has invited his mom Jayne on their honeymoon. This storyline seems scripted for the show, but they are playing on some underlying triggers for the trio.


For 30 years the killer of bodies found in barrels near Bear Brook State Park, the largest state park in New Hampshire, eluded detectives. He went by many names and pulled his victims in close before he betrayed them in the ultimate way. Investigation Discovery show The Chameleon Killer examines the many names of the man who committed horrible crimes and evaded paying for them for decades. Oddly enough, his victims’ families weren’t searching for them.