Below Deck Down Under’s Daisy Kelliher’s sister Bonnie severely injured in a moped accident.


Photo: Daisy Kelliher Instagram @daisykelliher87


Sad update from Below Deck Down Under‘s Daisy Kelliher.

Daisy shared on Instagram that 2.5 weeks ago sister Bonnie sustained severe injuries from a moped accident in Thailand.

Bonnie is currently recovering in the hospital from chest, face, and brain injuries. She’s had two surgeries so far, one lasting 12 hours.

Daisy’s currently in Thailand with their parents and wants to share with everyone some important tips:

-Don’t get on a moped/bike without a helmet and insurance. Daisy emphasizes maybe not getting on a bike at all

-Check on your friends. Bonnie didn’t have a phone on her, but her friend was able to find her in the hospital after she didn’t come home, and then contacted her family for help. Daisy days things could have gone much differently if this did not happen.

Daisy says Bonnie has been discharged from the ICU, but will probably be in the hospital for another 2 weeks.

“Bonnie is in a fantastic hospital and the staff have been incredible. There’s a long road to recovery but we have had so much support,” Daisy shared.

“We hope by sharing this story it may save a life or save another person or family having to go through this. We can’t quite believe how close we were to losing her.”

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