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Jenelle’s son Jace Evans runs away again, found 48 hours later & hospitalized

The teenage son of former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason continues to struggle. He reportedly ran away yet again over the weekend, this time from his grandmother, Barbara Evans. Keep reading for everything we know, including Jenelle and David’s Eason’s posts after Jace disappeared that seem to be making light of the situation. Plus, David leaves a scathing review for a local pediatrician accusing her of diagnosing mental illness just so that she can prescribe unneeded medication.

Jenelle Eason’s brother Colin Evans says he is depressed, has ‘deadly’ infection in concerning posts

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason’s brother Colin Evans has shared a series of concerning Facebook posts over the last couple months. In addition to stating that he is suffering from depression and a “deadly” infection, he also posted a photo of his hand after he claims to have removed a microchip implanted by the government through the MK-Ultra program.

Jenelle & mom Barbara do yoga together, plus ‘Best of Jenelle & Barbara’ MTV videos

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason returns to filming for tonight's episode as she and her mom, Barbara Evans, try to find a little inner peace by doing yoga together in a preview clip posted by MTV. After their session, the mother/daughter duo put their inner peace to the test as Barbara tries to get an update on Jenelle's custody battle with her ex Nathan.

TEEN MOM 2 Jenelle says doomsday prepping with David helped prepare them for Hurricane Florence

In a brand new preview clip for Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Eason meets with her mom Barbara Evans soon after Hurricane Florence devastated the area. Thankfully, Jenelle and husband David Eason were doomsday prepping back when tensions were high with North Korea, so they were ready when the storm hit.

TEEN MOM 2 Jenelle Eason and mom Barbara Evans do yoga together, The Land may expand to other states

While Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason seems to be more and more isolated from her friends and family after moving to The Land with husband David Eason, there is one relationship that seems to be going surprisingly well -- the one with her mother Barbara Evans. Plus, in an Instagram Q&A session, Jenelle reveals that her cross country trip with David has them contemplating expanding The Land to other states.

Jenelle Eason’s brother Colin Evans says father sexually abused him for 5 years

On the most recent season of Teen Mom 2, fans were introduced to Jenelle Eason’s brother Colin Evans for the first time after he had moved back in with his mother Barbara and nephew Jace. The scenes were a bit awkward, to say the least, and had many viewers openly wondering if Colin had some sort of condition. Barbara would later confirm that Colin is on disability during the “Unseen Moments” special, and in a recent Facebook post, Colin says that he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder stemming from years of sexual abuse at the hands of his father.

Barbara Evans & daughter Ashleigh going on national TV after losing custody case in ‘corrupt’ Onslow County court

As Barbara Evans continues to defend herself against daughter Jenelle Eason in their ever-going custody battle over Jace, she is also fighting another custody battle alongside her other daughter Ashleigh in hopes of regaining custody of Ashleigh's almost-three-year-old son Atlas from his father Lee. Unfortunately, Ashleigh's recent court appearance did not go well -- AT ALL -- and now Barbara and Ashleigh are saying they will be going on national television soon to expose the "Onslow County corrupt judicial system."

David Eason attacks Kail, says Barbara would be homeless without MTV money

Jenelle Eason's husband David Eason continues to prove that it is very easy to type even when you have your foot permanently embedded in your mouth. The controversial reality star dad took to Facebook this weekend to offer up more of his highly valued opinions on various subjects, including Jenelle's co-star Kail Lowry and his MTV-money-hungry mother-in-law Barbara Evans.