Gypsy Rose’s stepmom was a matchmaker for her and Ken while she was still married to Ryan

Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s marriage to Ryan Anderson seems to have been doomed from the start. We’re seeing that all along she was yearning to go back to her ex Ken Urker, who broke her heart.

She spoke about Ken early in Lifetime’s Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup, and by episode four we’re seeing Gypsy’s stepmother Kristy planting the seeds to get her back together with Ken.

Kristy remained friends with Ken even after Gypsy and Ken broke up, and he’s been texting her since Gypsy was released from prison.

Why did Ken break up with Gypsy the first time?

Ken told Kristy that the reason he broke up with Gypsy was because he thought it was best to let her go. He said people were telling him to let Gypsy find herself. However, he said that he never would have “let her go” if he knew she would get engaged to someone else.

Kristy relayed this information to Gypsy while her husband Ryan was gone on his first day back to work since he picked Gypsy up from prison. Gypsy was affected by this news immediately and said if she wasn’t married she’d be with Ken in a snap of her fingers.

Kristy has a lot of pictures that Ken has mailed her. “Gypsy’s first true relationship was Ken,” Kristy says. “Where she experienced struggles, and experienced laughter, and experienced heartache.”

Gypsy and Ken were together for about two years while Gypsy was in prison. Kirsty says she first thought that he ended things with Gypsy because “he couldn’t take the heat” of being with her. She says people found out who he was and were calling him at work and contacting his family.

Kirsty thinks that Ken has more of an ability to keep Gypsy safe than Ryan does.

Gypsy revealed that she’d had a lot of self doubt because of Ken. She notes that he’s interested in blondes, and she’s not blonde. Right after she got back with Ken after her split from Ryan, Gypsy died her hair blonde, but now it’s back to brown.

She said she used to cut her hair with fingernail clippers in prison for him. She said she’d do anything for his attention.

“I would have give anything to that man. I would have bought the sun and the moon and the stars and give it to him on a platter. That hurts me that I loved him that much,” Gypsy told producers.

She says it hurts her that she loves him so much because she feels like “no one” will ever love her as much as she loves him.

She breaks down in tears as she talks about how she has a commitment to her husband, but acknowledges that if she and Ryan ever got into an argument she’s going to think about Ken.

About Ryan, Gypsy has said: “I kind of feel like everyone else ran, and he didn’t.”

Even her body language shows that she’s not that into Ryan.

How did Gypsy and Ken meet?

Gypsy met Ken because he wrote to her after watching Mommy Dead and Dearest documentary on HBO. She was the first girl he ever said “I love you” to.

What Ryan thinks about Ken

After Gypsy disclosed to Ryan that Ken’s been contacting Kristy, Ryan told producers that he thinks Ken’s trying “weasel his way” back into Gypsy’s life.

He blames Kristy in the situation, but called Ken a “dumb motherf***er” who left a good woman. “I came in and swooped her up. That’s what happens when you leave a good woman,” Ryan says.

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