90 DAY FIANCE Is Jasmine still with Gino? Cheating and split rumors abound!

90 Day Fiancé‘s Jasmine Pineda recently chatted with Jersey Shore‘s Vinny Guadagnino on his podcast Something Went Wrong W/ Vinny.

Distractify has an exclusive clip from the podcast episode, which drops July 9. In the clip Vinny tells Jasmine that he thinks Gino “saved” her. Jasmine doesn’t directly respond, but drops a coy hint that maybe she thinks Gino “ruined her life instead.”

“We have to see how our marriage works, how it goes, because he either saved me or ruined my life,” Jasmine says.

In the clip Jasmine also addresses rumors that she used to have sugar daddies. Jasmine denies ever having a sugar daddy, but she does claim to have men lined up for her back in her home country of Panama.

“I have never had a sugar daddy,” Jasmine tells Vinny. “If I wanted, I could get the sugar daddy of all sugar daddies.” She also mentions a “waiting list” of men back in Panama, whatever that means for Jasmine and her future with Gino.

Are Gino and Jasmine still together?

Shabooty published some information that Jasmine and Gino have reportedly split and are filming The Single Life separately right now. This has been unconfirmed.

Publicly, Jasmine and Gino still appear to be together. Jasmine even posted about Gino on their wedding anniversary June 8, 2024 calling Gino her “dearest husband.”

However, on that same day Gino hinted that there is trouble brewing in their relationship. On their anniversary Gino posted on his Instastories a graphic with “Signs of an unsafe partner.”

– Gets defensive & isn’t open to feedback
– Has to always be right & you’re wrong
– Begs for forgiveness & then repeats the toxic behavior
– Violates your boundaries
– Controlling behavior, tells you what to do & how to do it
– Blames you for relationship problems

Jasmine says she doesn’t feel love

More evidence that Jasmine and Gino’s marriage didn’t work out comes from an episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After that aired in April 2024. “I feel mad at myself for, for dreaming — for thinking that, you know, that I was going to have like a happy life,” Jasmine said through tears after looking at her wedding photos with Gino. “That’s not gonna happen. I’m such a failure. I want to go back to Panama, divorce — everything that I promise for my children just to tell them that it’s not gonna happen.”

Another update with Jasmine is that she’s launched her own line of vegan protein powder called “Jazzy Vegan Protein.” (affiliate link)

She also launched a vegan fitness Instagram account to promote it.

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