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16 & PREGNANT Whitney Purvis shares photo of baby boy Collin Adonis

It appears congratulations are in order for 16 and Pregnant Season 1 mom Whitney Purvis! The 31-year-old surprised her social media followers on Wednesday by posting a photo of a newborn baby boy named Collin Adonis!

Keep reading for everything we know about the new arrival, plus an update on Whitney’s felony terroristic threats charge after allegedly texting her ex she was going “to slit your throat, poison you, make you inhale toxic gas.”

16 & Pregnant’s Whitney Purvis loses dog Chumpy after rescue shelter gives him away?!

One of our favorite 16 and Pregnant stars of all time is at the center of a huge controversy. No, I’m not talking about Whitney Purvis (who is actually another of our favorites), but her makeup-eating, escape-prone dog Chumpy! Keep reading for the varying accounts of what happened that led up to Chumpy being taken into an animal shelter, before being passed along to placement agency and then adopted — while Whitney was on vacation!