Love After Lockup Season 9 cast photos, bios and trailer!

Love After Lockup Season 9 cast premieres July 26 2024

Felon Friday is coming back! WE tv just dropped the first online trailer for Love After Lockup Season 9, which is set to premiere Friday, July 26 at 8/7c.

The new trailer features names and photos for the cast, which includes two returning couples. Below is the trailer followed by cast photos and names! I assume we will have official bios soon, so stay tuned!

UPDATE – CAST BIOS HAVE BEEN ADDED! Also, WE tv reveals that there will be ten 90-minute episodes this season.

Love After Lockup Season 9 cast

Love After Lockup Bianca and Daniel

At 23 years old, Bianca was the victim of a DUI crash which nearly cost her her life. While she was in recovery, she decided to reach out to someone who committed the same crime she was a victim of to get more insight into why someone would drink and drive. But this pen pal quickly turned into a fiancé.

Love After Lockup Hope and Arthur

Hope is a truck driver who seems to have a tough exterior, but has a soft side for her boyfriend, Arthur, who is currently behind bars. Although Hope and Arthur are in love, there are some trust issues they have to work through to make their relationship work. Hope was unfaithful to Arthur during his incarceration, and he isn’t sticking around if that happens again.

Love After Lockup Julian and Christine

The phrase ‘opposites attract’ fits perfectly when it comes to Julian and Christine. Julian, a conservative aspiring writer, found himself in an unexpected relationship when book research led him to the love of his life. When Julian reached out to Christine, an inmate locked up for bank robbery, he intended to get some insight for his book, but instead found a connection he never expected.

Love After Lockup Kim and Joey

A married mom of two, Kim reached out to Joey to reconnect during her separation from her children’s father. Now with Joey getting released, they both try to keep their exes in the past, but Joey receives a suspicious message in prison claiming that Kim is cheating on him! Kim assures Joey it is a lie but is baffled as to who is going out of their way to break up their relationship. Could it be her ex? Could it be his?

Love After Lockup LaTisha and Keith Collier

Latisha and Keith’s love story started in Love During Lockup, and now with Keith meant to get out any day, Latisha is overjoyed for Love After Lockup. A recently passed law could grant Keith an immediate release. Latisha can’t wait for Keith to get out and finally consummate their marriage!

Love After Lockup Shonta and True

Shonta and True began their love story on Love During Lockup, where we learned Shonta spent $40K and moved across state lines for someone she’s never met. In Love After Lockup, Shonta finally meets her fiancé, True, face-to-face for the first time at his release after spending 13 years in prison.

Love After Lockup Zeruiah and Troy

Zeruiah is a pastor’s daughter who grew up in a strict household but started rebelling in her teens with the men she dated. Zeruiah’s ex-husband and son’s father was locked up and she wound up falling for his cell neighbor, Troy. She divorced her ex and married Troy. Although Zeruiah’s family is accepting of her relationship, they are still weary of it. Her parents feel that if Troy is going to be a part of the family, he needs to be a part of the Church.

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