Her boyfriend lied about his whole family dying! Brooke Schofield exposed her ex Clinton Kane

Brooke Schofield, who hosts the Cancelled podcast with Tana Mongeau, has exposed her ex-boyfriend Clinton Kane as an alleged liar who faked his accent in a 14-part series on TikTok.

Brooke was triggered to make her series when Clinton posted a TikTok promoting his new song by referencing her. “When you’ve been over the relationship for 2 years but she won’t stop yapping,” Kane wrote in the video. “anywaysss this song come out this friday.”

How Brooke and Clinton got together

Brooke was initially interested in Clinton because she liked his song “Chicken Tendies.” The two connected over Instagram, and soon he opened up to her about losing his family. He also said that he’d been homeless for awhile until one of his songs took off.

Brooke says she found it so attractive how he had overcome so much.

What did Clinton allegedly lie about? Where is Clinton Kane from?

Clinton has an Australian accent that Brooke says sometimes disppears, and he claims to hail from Perth, Australia, although he says he’s lived all over the worth traveling with his Pentecostal preacher mom.

Brooke says he’s from Brunei.

Did Clinton’s whole family die?

Clinton told Brooke that he had lost both his parents and brother in 2020, and that he had to attend their funerals on Zoom. As they got to know each other, the story of how his mother died change. At one point he said she fell down the stairs, and then another time he said she was in a coma. (Note, both could be true, a person can be in a coma after falling down the stairs.)

Brooke says that he ended up admitting to her that he was lying about the deaths of his mother and brother. His father had passed away, however.

During an appearance on The Zach Sang Show Clinton said that “Chicken Tendies” was about his mother dying. He also spoke about his brother, father, and his mother dying the in the same year. After that interview, people claiming to know him said that he was lying about his family being dead, and was faking an accent.

Clinton posted a handwritten note on Instagram saying that a woman who was “like a mother” to him died.

Brooke says he also lied to her about what his mom looked like. He told her his mom was Norwegian and blonde, but she’s really Asian.

Brooke found out he was lying about his age after a cop pulled him over. His Australian I.D. showed that he was two years younger than he told her he was.

When she questioned him about it, Clinton explained it away by claiming it was a fake I.D. Brooke pointed out in her video that it’s odd for someone to have a fake I.D. to claim they’re younger as most people around Clinton’s age are using fake I.D.s to get into clubs and drink alcohol.

She also says he was cheating on her with “so many people” during their relationship. She even realized that he had been seeing someone else when they went out to dinner for the first time.

Clinton Kane issued a statement in response to Brooke’s viral videos about him to People:

“Kane and Schofield had a brief, three-month relationship over two years ago” and that her “recent comments regarding Kane are untrue.”

“The public rehashing of these details is only an attempt to bring attention and focus on Brooke’s podcast, at the expense of tearing down another former boyfriend — a tactic she’s become known for.”

Brooke’s reply to People: “hahahaha.”

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