LOVE ISLAND USA Producers used old tweet during social media challenge; comment NOT about Aaron Evans

A fan has confirmed that a Tweet featured in the July 8th episode of Love Island USA was NOT about the Islander it was used for.

Read more about the scandal between Love Island USA producers and Twitter user @missmimis_ below…

Love Island USA

It has taken 6 seasons, but Love Island USA is finally the show everyone is talking about. A large part of this is due in part to the addition of Ariana Madix, who used the aftermath of Vanderpump RulesScandoval” to blow up her career.

Madix is currently the host of Love Island USA and also participated in ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, placing 3rd.

The reality dating series centers around “a group of singles who pair up, break up and do more for a chance to win cash — and love.” Originally out of the UK, the US iteration shows American contestants (known as “Islanders”) participating in challenges that will (hopefully) reward them with money and a sexy new love interest (or 2…)

On the July 8th episode, drama unfolded in the Villa after Islanders took part in a social media challenge, but it turns out the REAL tea was actually brewing off-screen… 

You Drive Me Crazy social media challenge

If you’re watching Love Island USA, pay close attention to Season 6 – Episode 25 from minutes 35:00-55:00 because you’ll see something absolutely crazy… a Tweet implying Aaron Evans is cute.

If you don’t get it, neither did we – until we found out the post is from FOUR YEARS AGO. Yeah, turns out producers were shady with this one.

X user @missmimis_, whose Tweet was featured during the ‘You Drive Me Crazy’ social media challenge has confirmed that she was absolutely NOT talking about the current Islander Aaron Evans, but the season 2 hottie Aaron Owen.

While running around in wearable cars, the couples and single Islanders had to bash through foam bricks, stop at stop signs and play a guessing game matching cryptic social media posts to their subjects. The Love Island USA contestants were then blasted with slime and holi powder.

It was during this crazy challenge that producers used the Tweet from September 9, 2020. The “OP” confirmed the tea: If the producers really used my tweet, y’all knew that wasn’t for popped ass Aaron bc he’s definitely not my mf type. I would never. #loveislandusa

Here are both so you can decide which Aaron is cuter….

Love Island USA Season 6 airs exclusively on Peacock starting at 6 p.m. Pacific time and 9 p.m. Eastern time. New episodes come out Thursday through Tuesday. 

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