LOVE IS BLIND Stacy still hung up on Johnie? Posts statement after Reunion

More than a year and a half after filming, Love Is Blind Season 5 star Stacy Snyder is still talking about co-star Johnnie Maraist. After the Reunion dropped Sunday night, Stacy took to Instagram to share a lengthy statement arguing that Johnnie was the real bully, not her.

Keep reading for Stacy’s full statement. Plus, check out Johnnie’s Instagram posts after the Reunion dropped. She didn’t mention Stacy at all, but proudly showed off her NASA engineer boyfriend of more than a year!

Andy was a Love After Lockup fan, commented on cast online?

Love After Lockup Season 8 star is a former police officer turned truck driver who has fallen for a convicted felon named Brittney. Why would a former cop be looking for love on prison dating sites? Perhaps because Andy has been a big fan of Love after Lockup for years?

Keep reading for comments left on the Love After Lockup subreddit over the past few years by someone with the same username as Andy’s Instagram and Twitter handles. If it is Andy, he probably won’t be attending any franchise reunions any time soon! 😬

As a bonus, the account also offered up some rather harsh opinions on cast members of 90 Day Fiance as well!