TEEN MOM Ashley’s ex Bar arrested for felony kidnapping, coercion and more; Ashley posts photo with a new man

Teen Mom Ashley Jones husband Bariki Lockettsmith (aka Bar Smith) arrested for kidnapping and more in 2024

The ex of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Ashley Jones is back behind bars in Nevada and facing multiple felony counts, including kidnapping.

Bar Arrest Details

According to jail records first shared on reddit, Bariki “Bar” Lockettsmith was arrested in Henderson, Nevada just before 10AM on July 7. Bar’s charges are:

• 2nd degree Kidnapping – FELONY

• Coercion domestic violence with threat or use of physical force – FELONY

• Harassment – MISDEMEANOR

• Contempt of Municipal Court

As The Ashley points out, “a second-degree kidnapping charge is usually given when the offender allegedly holds another person against their will in some way, but without doing — or having the intent of doing — actual harm to them.”

The Ashley also notes that Bar was not charged with child endangerment, which would suggest that the alleged kidnapping victim was not his daughter, Holly.

Bar’s active warrant

At the time of Bar’s arrest, he had an active warrant from Henderson Municipal Court for failure to pay. According to court records, Bariki was cited for driving on a suspended license and operating a motor vehicle with suspended registration in April of 2023.

Bar failed to appear for a hearing in July and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. Bar cleared that up, but another FTA warrant was issued in September.

In October, Bar entered a guilty plea. For his sentence, it appears that all Bar needed to do was present the court with a valid driver’s license and registration. He was unable to do that before December 6, and that put him on the hook for fines and fees in the amount of $1,280.

Multiple failure to pay warrants were later issued for Bar’s arrest, with the most recent issued on June 25. That warrant was served on July 8, the day after his arrest.

According to court records, Bar has paid $50 but still owes $1,735. The amount includes additional warrant penalties and enforcement fees.

Bar’s current status

Bar is currently still in custody with his bond set at $35,000. He is scheduled to be back in court for a status check hearing on July 10.

Ashley Jones reveals new man

It appears as though Bar’s estranged wife, Ashley Jones, used his arrest as a motivation to officially announce her relationship with a new man.

The day after Bar was arrested, Ashley shared a photo in her Instagram stories in which she looks to be quite close with a man who is clearly a bit taller and heavier than Bar:

Teen Mom Ashley Jones dating a new man?

The photo comes more than a month after @TeenMomFanz on Instagram shared photos of Ashley hanging with a tall, dark mystery man on the beach:

Bariki Lockettsmith arrest history

Bar is no stranger to being inside of a jail cell. In 2015, he was arrested and charged with meth possession, providing false information to a police officer, and trespassing.

Bar pleaded not guilty to all three misdemeanor counts. Two of the counts — meth possession and providing false information to police — were dismissed in March of 2016, but Bar received a deferred judgment on the trespassing charge. He would eventually receive three years of probation.

Some time in late 2017-ish, Bar was arrested after an altercation with Ashley and her parents. The altercation and the resulting arrest were featured on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. The only additional info we have is from Bar’s mom Shen, who claims that Ashley’s mom, Pastor Tea, went after Bar with a taser! Here’s our tweet with a link:

In August of 2018, Bar was booked for domestic battery after an altercation with Ashley. The discord between the two didn’t end with Bar’s arrest as the two went back and forth on social media after Bar’s release.

“I didn’t put anyone in jail,” Ashley said in response to Shen’s claim that she was responsible for Bar’s arrest. “Maybe if you taught your kids to keep their hands to themselves more of them would have college degrees instead of criminal records. I found my courage today. And I thank the officers that came out and helped me.”

In January of 2020, Bar was booked on a series of charges, including assault, domestic battery, driving or taking a vehicle without owner’s consent, and child endangerment.

From our post about that arrest:

Despite the quantity and the seriousness of the charges, Shen says it was all Ashley’s fault. “She was drunk driving and they got into it,” Shen said of Ashley during a lengthy Facebook live stream. “She attacked him. He was scratched up — scratches all over his neck, everything.”

After they got into a scuffle, Shen says Bar tried to leave, but Ashley took his keys. “So he took her car,” Shen continues, “and when he got back, the police drew down on him and charged him with stealing her car.”

Bar also caught the two assault charges because of the alleged scuffle, and the child endangerment charge because Holly was reportedly present when it happened.

Bar was arrested in March of 2021 and charged with a felony count of willful discharge of a firearm in a negligent manner. The arrest was one day after Ashley announced her graduation from community college, and many have speculated that perhaps Bar shot off a celebratory round or two in honor of Ashley’s achievement.

Bar failed to appear for a court date, and he was arrested in Nevada in August of 2022. Bar’s mom Shen said Bar was unaware that he missed the hearing and that there was a warrant out for his arrest. He was later transferred to a California jail.

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