The Top 10 biggest celebrity CO2 offenders aggravating climate change

Protesters have been targeting famous private plane owners for years, most recently attacking Taylor Swift’s jet even though she’s not even in the Top 10 of celebrity CO2 offenders.

Who are the Top 10 celebrities contributing to climate change because of their CO2 emissions? Three are Kardashians, but number one will definitely surprise you…

Celebrity C02 offenders

Climate activists have been targeting celebrity jet users and owners for years due to the impact short plane trips and CO2 emissions have on the environment. Famous people have a huge public platform and need to be held accountable for their damage to the earth. That being said, do you even know who the biggest offenders are?

THE KARDASHIANS Which members of the Kardashian Jenner family have airplanes?

While it isn’t a surprise that three members of the Top 10 are Kardashians and their associates, rapper Pitbull had the highest CO2 emissions in 2023-2024, using 475,230 gallons of fuel and contributing to 4,549 metric tons of CO2. Pitbulls shortest recorded flight was a 6 minute journey from Miami International Airport to Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport in February 2024.

Maybe we’re mistaken, but we haven’t heard a lot of protest against Pitbull for his plane use…

Top 10 Celebrity C02 emissions

Environmentalists most wanted list includes three stars of The Kardashians on Hulu: Travis Scott, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner. Travis Scott’s shortest recorded flight was a 5 minute journey from St Louis Regional Airport in October 2023.

While that information likely surprises no one, it is interesting to note the OTHER offenders include lovable “fan favorites” like Beyonce and Blake Shelton. Grease star John Travolta rounds out the list at number 10.

The Taylor Swift factor

Protesters recently targeted Taylor Swift, who uses her private jet on her record-shattering The Era’s Tour which plans to perform dates worldwide.

While the Shake It Off singer is a major target for climate activists, fans of Swift will be interested to note her place on the list is NOT in the Top 10. Taylor’s position on the list is her famous “lucky” number: 13.

According to, a certified carbon neutral company, The Era’s Tour is set to have less of an impact on the environment than Oprah Winfrey just living her day to day life:

Despite facing significant controversy regarding her private jet use, Swift’s air travel emitted 1,055 MT of CO2 between 2023-2024. Recent data indicates that the star has taken 133 flights in this period — with her private jet consuming 110,140 gallons of fuel in this period — half of that used by Oprah Winfrey’s jet (223,364). Taylor Swift’s shortest recorded flight was a 35 minute journey from Bob Hope Airport to Harry Reid International Airport in April.

Hilary Duff attended The Era’s Tour “Taylor Swift is a monster!”

How do Taylor’s numbers stack up against the biggest CO2 contributor Pitbull? ‘Mr. Worldwide’ has contributed to a staggering 4,549 metric tons of CO2 emitted from use of his private jet between 2023-2024. This is four times more (331%+) than pop star Taylor Swift.

While the environmental impact of celebrity air travel remains a topic of debate, the numbers speak for themselves when it comes to who the biggest celebrity CO2 emissions offenders are.

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