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Love During Lockup Is Haley Cole still with the twins’ father? Plus, her classic rock band baby names!

Love During Lockup‘s Haley Cole hinted that she might be pregnant again back in October, then she confirmed a pregnancy the following month by announcing she is expecting twins!

Keep reading for all the latest on Haley’s babies — including what sex they are, their names, and whether or not Haley is still with their dad.

LOVE DURING LOCKUP Haley Cole pregnant with twins! Could Dalton be the dad?

We reported in late October that Love During Lockup Season 1 star Haley Cole was hinting that she might be pregnant with her second child. Well, she is no longer just hinting! And it’s not just her second child!

Keep reading for Haley’s twins announcement. Plus, we break down her recent dating timeline to find out if Dalton Edgin (who was recently arrested for allegedly assaulting Haley) could be the dad.

LOVE DURING LOCKUP Is Haley still dating Dalton? Is she pregnant?

WE tv aired a “Where Are They Now?” special Thursday night that included Love During Lockup Season 1 star Haley Cole. However, A LOT has happened since Haley filmed the special, including multiple Dalton arrests, a new boyfriend, and Haley hinting that she may be pregnant!?

Keep reading to get ALL caught up with Haley, including her emotional response to the Where Are They Now? episode after she received A LOT of criticism for dating Dalton again.

LOVE DURING LOCKUP Haley and Dalton are together! Filming for a new season?

Love During Lockup star Haley Cole shocked her social media followers on Saturday when she shared two photos with her felonious former boyfriend, Dalton Edgin, and wrote: “It’ll always be you 🧡”

The photos were a huge surprise because Haley broke things off with Dalton during their season on the show, and it seemed as though the break was a clean one. Plus, Haley has been posting photos online with her new significant other for months, and they appeared to be very happy together.

LOVE DURING LOCKUP Is Dalton out? Dating girlfriend since 2017? Is he filming again?

We have an update on Love During Lockup inmate Dalton, who was dating Haley (aka Cruella) during the first season of the show. A woman named Christa posted a photo with Dalton last month and captioned it by referencing their rocky relationship since 2017. Is Christa Dalton’s ex that he was supposedly spending Haley’s money on? Were they dating the whole time? Is Dalton out of prison now? Are he and Christa currently filming for WE tv? So many questions!

Dalton’s mom Lisa against Love During Lockup, says WE tv wants him for another season

The mother of Love During Lockup inmate Dalton is very outspoken on Facebook. Read numerous excerpts from Lisa’s posts since late last year, including her criticism of Love During Lockup and her claim that WE tv wants to continue filming Dalton whether he remains with Haley or not. Plus, find out who Lisa suggests might try to kill her and frame the murder on her estranged husband! (Seriously.)