LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Aris pregnant, Haley welcomes twins, Chanda gives birth to baby girl

Love After Lockup Aris pregnant, Chanda gives birth to a girl, Haley welcomes twin boys

It’s a Love After Lockup baby bonanza as we have multiple pregnancy and birth announcements to catch up on!

Aris is pregnant

Love After Lockup Season 7 couple Aris and Cameron Morton welcomed their first child together, daughter Charlie, in July of last year. It’s less than a year later and the couple is expecting again!

Cameron made the pregnancy announcement on Facebook with a quick post on June 29. “12/27/24 πŸ‘ΆπŸ½,” he wrote, adding: “I’m tired of having kids πŸ€¦πŸΎπŸ˜‚.”

It’s assumed that December 27 is Aris’s due date. She and Cameron are going live any minute now to do a gender reveal. I will be sure to update this article as soon as the reveal is made!


Aris and Cameron’s new baby will have Charlie as an older sister, as well as two older half siblings. Aris has a daughter named Lina, who appeared on the show, and Cameron has a son named Paris.

Haley Cole welcomes twins; back with girlfriend?

Congratulations to Love During Lockup Season 2 star Haley Cole as she recently welcomed twin boys!

Haley announced she was expecting twins with her new boyfriend Tyler in November of last year. She and Tyler later split up, and Haley indicated that he would not be a big part of the boys’ life.

According to Haley, her twin boys were going to take after their big brother Hendrix with classic rock themed names: Journey and Zeppelin.

Haley gave birth some time last month, and photos of her with the twins celebrating the Fourth of July were recently shared on Instagram by Geo Malak:

It’s VERY interesting to note that Haley is with her ex-girlfriend in the photos. Haley and the woman in the pictures dated for roughly six months in 2023 before Haley dumped her for her on-screen ex, Dalton Edgin.

Dalton was arrested for domestic assault in August, and he and Haley split up. She soon started dating Tyler, and not long after that she got pregnant with twins.

It’s unclear if Haley and the woman are officially dating again, or just enjoying Independence Day together as friends.

Either way, congratulations to Haley on the new arrivals!

Chanda Curls gives birth to baby girl

Love After Lockup Season 4 inmate Chanda Curls joins the baby bonanza as she recently gave birth to a baby girl!

It doesn’t appear that Chanda revealed she was pregnant on social media, so it surprised a lot of her followers when she posted photos of her daughter Jade and Jade’s dad on March 17:

Here’s another adorable photo of Jade shared by Chanda on May 7:

Chanda had two sons prior to Jade, and she recently posted a photo of herself with all of her children together:

Congratulations to Chanda and Jade’s dad, Adam Fearing!

If you’re having a tough time remembering Chanda from the show, that’s because she didn’t actually have a lot of screen time. She was the bootylicious inmate bae of Tyrice, but she essentially ghosted him after her release from prison.

Love After Lockup fans will have no difficulty remembering Tyrice because of his unforgettable blue suit that inspired many memes like this one:

Love After Lockup Tyrice blue suit meme

In addition to congratulating Chanda on welcoming a baby girl, I also wanted to congratulate her for staying out of jail and prison after her release on the show. If you take a peek at our Love After Lockup Season 4 inmate chart (link below), you will see that Chanda is the only inmate from her season not to be arrested again! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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