Shocking Request from a Bridezilla: ‘Will You Go $20,000 in Debt for My Wedding?’

A best friendship was pushed to the brink when one friend demanded that the other go $20,000 in debt just to attend her wedding. On top of that, she asked for gifts costing thousands of dollars.

TikToker @mookiedookiedog exposed the outrageous request from her friend to the world.

In the text messages and other receipts Mookie shared, she starts by asking nicely if her friend can talk to her about reducing the cost of attending her weeding since it’s going to set her back $20,000.

“Hey, are you available to talk this week? I really am just not sure I’m going to be able to afford everything,” Mookie shared with her friend. “With the outfit and trips, we are nearing 20k which is basically my student loan payment.”

She was met with a flat rejection and a suggestion that she put it on her credit card.

She also said she didn’t know why the amount was a surprise, since she included it in the bridal pdf she sent. She also hinted that the friend should have been saving up for this for a while.

It’s obvious that $20,000 has much different meanings for the two women as Mookie pointed out in her initial message that the amount equaled her student loan.

The friend then suggested that her friend “Timmy” could give Mookie a low-interest loan.

Seemingly oblivious to the subject at hand, the bride then immediately jumped to asking if her friends were planning on getting her a special gift because she was stressed and needed a treat.

Mookie shared with TikTok some of the items on the bride’s wishlist, all of which were over $1,000 each, including this $6000 Judith Leiber encrusted handbag that looks like a 1980s cellphone.

Needless to say, Mookie is considering ending the friendship.

Why $20,000 just to attend a wedding?

Most of the $20,000 expense seems to come from the wardrobe requirements. The bride was asking every bridesmaid to wear a $5,940 Pamella Roland dress and 8,500 Gianvito Rossi boots. On top of that, she required each bridesmaid to wear an “authentic Tiffany diamond necklace,” and had a special requirement for Mookie because she was Maid of Honor.

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