Horrific events transpired before TIKTOK mom of 12 overdosed and lost children to CPS

Yesterday Veronica Merritt, a TikTok creator who goes by @thismadmama, posted some disturbing updates about herself and her family. She revealed that she overdosed on acetaminophen (Tylenol) and then voluntarily signed over her 9 minor children to CPS. Now we have more information about what happened with the family.

Although the day before Veronica likened her kids’ stay in foster care as “fun” and “like camp,” today she says she doesn’t trust CPS and seems shocked to find out that her kids will be away from her for at least a year. She also revealed that she has been charged with neglect.

Her story is now that that the CPS agents tricked her by going to her house and telling her kids they had to leave the home, and then charging her with neglect because of that. She also claims they told her the kids would be in foster care for “just a few weeks” instead of the year or more that they’re facing.


I actually thought I could trust CPS!? why!? omg I’m so mad right now. They made my kids leave the house with TWO adult siblings at home watching them. Apparently it’s neglect to have an adult watch your kids 🙄 I’m not going to be sitting down and taking this #thismadmama

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There’s another disturbingly sad wrinkle to this story that Veronica’s not mentioning. On May 31, 2024, her ex, who is the father to 10 of the children, was arrested for CSA.

The screen shot in the Reddit post below is from the Syracuse Police Blotter. Further details about the case, including how many children were involved, are currently not public.

As a social worker and precious foster care worker in NY, I knew there was more to this story.
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Veronica previously stated that she voluntarily signed over the rights to her 4-year-old son Donnie because he has cancer, but can no longer receive medical help under her care because she never got him a birth certificate. She said she gave him to CPS to save his life.

She also stated that the later voluntarily gave up the rest of her kids to CPS while hallucinating during her acetomenophen overdose. She even reasoned that she did so because she thought she was dying.

Now, she’s claiming that CPS “swooped in” and took her kids despite them being under the care of two adults while when was in the hospital.

Veronica says she has contacted her lawyer to appeal the court’s decision.

In her previous videos she teased that she’s writing a book about her OD, so she doesn’t want to give away the plot.

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