90 Day Fiancé Veronica’s battery arrest details from 2006 EXCLUSIVE

90 Day Fiancé Veronica Rodriguez arrests and mug shot photos

After first appearing as Tim Malcolm’s ex on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 3, Veronica Rodriguez has since gone on to be a featured cast member of The Single Life and Pillow Talk.

The 38-year-old single mom has been open about her life over multiple seasons of multiple series, but one subject she has yet to talk about is her prior legal issues.

90 Day Fiancé Veronica Rodriguez DWI arrest mug shot photo

Veronica Rodriguez DWI arrest

Starcasm previously reported on Veronica’s 2016 DWI arrest in North Carolina. At the time of our initial report, the outcome of the charge was unclear.

Starcasm spoke with a court clerk on July 1 who confirms Veronica was found guilty of Level 4 DWI. (Level 1 is the most severe, Level 5 is the least severe.) She was given a 120-day suspended sentence and 12 months of probation, in addition to fines and court costs.

Veronica Rodriguez felony battery arrest

Well before her DWI arrest, Veronica found herself behind bars in Florida on more serious charges.

Starcasm can exclusively reveal that 20-year-old Veronica Rodriguez was arrested in Coral Gables, Florida in 2006 on four felony counts, including 3 battery charges.

Veronica Rodriguez arrest summary

Here is a very brief recap of what happened — scroll down for more details and the outcome of the case.

• Veronica was involved in a 3-car crash and officers at the scene believed she was at fault.

• When Veronica found out that she might be at fault, she got very upset. She began flailing her arms, jumping up and down, and hurling profanities at the officers and a tow truck driver on the scene.

• An officer approached Veronica in “an attempt to calm her” and she hit him in the face and chest. Veronica had to be wrestled to the sidewalk.

• When a paramedic arrived to administer aide to Veronica, she hit him too.

• Veronica was charged with 2 counts of felony battery of a law enforcement officer, 1 count of felony battery of an emergency medical care provider, and 1 felony count of resisting arrest with violence.

• The charges were eventually dropped

90 Day Fiancé The Single Life and Pillow talk star Veronica Rodriguez felony arrest details and mug shot photo

Veronica Rodriguez felony battery details

On January 31, 2006, Veronica was arrested after she and her boyfriend were involved in a three-car traffic accident. Things escalated when an officer informed Veronica that she was at fault and asked her to sign the citation.

“Ms. Rodriguez began to raise her voice and ask why she was receiving a citation,” an officer states in the arrest report. Veronica refused to sign, and directed her anger at a tow truck driver on the scene.

“Ms. Rodriguez then began to yell profanity at the tow truck driver, saying “F*** that a**hole! He was so f***ing rude!”

More from the arrest report:

I told Ms. Rodriguez to relax and stop yelling. Then she began yelling even louder.

Ms. Rodriguez began to wail her hands in the air as well, jump up and down, and continued to yell profanity directed at Officer Timkee and I. Ms. Rodriguez was yelling ‘F*** both of you!’

Officer Timkee approached Ms. Rodriguez in an attempt to calm her, at which time she struck Officer Timkee in the face and chest area with her hands.

90 Day Fiancé Tim's ex Veronica Rodriguez arrest report from felony battery charges

Officer Timkee also provided a narrative, describing the attempt to restrain Veronica after she struck Officer Selent:

Officer Selent then grabbed the defendant (Veronica Rodriguez) by the right arm and right shoulder in an attempt to restrain her. The defendant continued to resist at which time Officer Selent and the defendant (Veronica Rodriguez) fell on the sidewalk.

As the two police officers were attempting to restrain Veronica, her boyfriend began running towards them “in an aggressive manner.” One of the officers left Veronica and assisted with restraining her boyfriend.

Veronica’s boyfriend was her future husband and father of her daughter, Chloe. The arrest was in January of 2006. Chloe was born 10 months later in November of 2006.

Veronica Rodriguez strikes a paramedic

According to the arrest report, a paramedic arrived to render aide to Veronica, and she struck him in the chest.

20-year-old Veronica finally calmed down after her father arrived on the scene. The paramedic was then able to treat her injuries.

The report indicates that one of the officers involved was also treated at the scene for an injury to his left elbow sustained “while attempting to subdue the defendant.”

Veronica Rodriguez felony case outcome

“Subsequent to treatment, the defendant (Veronica Rodriguez) was arrested, placed in handcuffs and transported to Coral Gables Police Department for processing,” the arrest report states.

Veronica was later transported to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center and booked. She posted her $20,000 bond the following day and was released.

Two of Veronica’s felony charges were later dismissed. Two of the felony battery charges were later dropped to misdemeanor charges. Those were officially dismissed in April of 2006 after the DA’s office decided not to prosecute.

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