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PHOTOS Catelynn Baltierra glams up for Coffee Convos podcast interview with Kail Lowry

It’s not normally a major priority to get glammed up for a podcast, but Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley’s Coffee Convos is becoming famous for their remarkable female guest glam ups. Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell is just the latest cover girl for Coffee ConVogue as she revealed her fanglamtastic look just prior to recording her episode of the podcast earlier today!

Are Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra divorcing? Catelynn says it’s just ‘ups and downs’

Catelynn Tyler divorce

The Teen Mom dramaverse all but exploded earlier today when people noticed that OG mom Catelynn Baltierra was using her maiden name Catelynn Lowell on Instagram, sparking rumors of a split from husband Tyler Baltierra. Catelynn has since changed her last name back to Baltierra and responded to the split rumors.

Tyler Baltierra’s sister Amber heading to rehab for 90 days

Tyler Baltierra's sister Amber Elkins headed to rehab in Texas for 90 days

Teen Mom OG dad Tyler Baltierra’s dad Butch Baltierra and wife Catelynn Baltierra have both had multiple stints in rehab, and now Tyler’s sister will be following in their footsteps. Just days after a very public falling out with her husband Billy Elkins, Amber announced that she will be checking herself into a rehabilitation facility in Texas for 90 days.

Tyler Baltierra’s sister Amber’s boyfriend Billy’s arrest history

Tyler Baltierra's sister Amber's husband Billy arrest record

Teen Mom OG got to meet Tyler Baltierra’s future brother-in-law Billy this week as he and Tyler’s sister Amber shocked everyone by announcing “We’re trying to get married and we’re trying to have babies.” One major problem? Billy is under house arrest and attached to an electronic leash! Keep reading to find out what Billy was arrested for and find out if Amber and Billy followed through on their marriage and baby plans.

Does Tyler Baltierra’s sister Amber have a drug problem? She and Tyler respond to Teen Mom OG scenes

Tyler Baltierra's sister Amber is heading to rehab

This week’s episode of Teen Mom OG featured some comments by Tyler Baltierra’s dad Butch that suggested Tyler’s sister Amber Elkins might have a drug problem. Later in the episode there is a scene at Butch’s house, where Amber is supposedly living, in which the house looks to be in complete disarray and there is no electricity. Both Tyler and Amber have since responded to viewers speculating that Amber has a drug problem — Tyler with a statement, and Amber with a  video.