Amber Portwood and Gary broke up after his disappearance, did he ghost her after he was found?

Amber Portwood has reportedly broken up with her fiancé Gary Wayt after he went missing last week. US Weekly has a source telling them that the couple decided to go their separate ways after he was safely located.

“They have too much to overcome to move forward together,” the source said. They made sure to clarify that Gary “did not ghost” Amber and that they have been communicating.

Amber has reportedly taken off her engagement ring and is accepting that he’s not the right guy for her. She wants to be with someone who fully supports her.

When did Amber and Gary Wayt start dating?

Amber and Gary Wayt became Instagram official in January 2024. He was soon dubbed Gary 2.0 by Teen Mom fans because the father of Amber’s first child is also named Gary.

The couple met on a dating app in late 2023.

What happened with Gary’s disappearance

Very little is publicly known about what happened, but we do know that Amber reported Gary Wayt missing to the police on June 11, 2024 after they attended a wedding together in North Carolina.

On June 9, 2024, pair had an “emotional conversation,” and then Gary left in the car without Amber. He also left behind his cell phone.

Amber also appeared on a livestream with YouTuber Elle Bee on June 11, the same day she reported him missing. She pleaded with the audience to help her find him.

“No, guys, please listen to me. He is missing. This is a huge deal. His parents, everybody is worried. I’m worried,” Amber said.

She also said that they didn’t have a big argument, and said she has changed as a person. Reality TV has captured many explosive domestic arguments with Amber, including ones of violence. She physically attacked her ex Gary Shirley on camera and allegedly went after her ex Andrew Glennon with a machete.

Also on June 11, the Bryson City Police department said Gary was spotted in Oklahoma at a Verizon store and appeared to be headed to New Mexico.

By June 14, Bryson City Police said Gary had been located and closed the missing person’s case.

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