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TEEN MOM Ashley’s ex Bar arrested for felony kidnapping, coercion and more; Ashley posts photo with a new man

The ex of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Ashley Jones is back behind bars in Nevada and facing multiple felony counts, including kidnapping. The day after his arrest, Ashley seemed to announce she has moved on by posting a photo with a new man!

Keep reading for everything we know on Bar’s latest arrest. Plus, a recap of his previous arrests over the years.

Nathan Griffith’s wife Mayra arrested for domestic battery

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason’s “dramastic” life is a perpetual source for blog headlines and social media posts. But, Jenelle’s dumpster fire existence over the past few years has nothing on that of her ex, Nathan Griffith!

Keep reading for details on Nathan’s wife Mayra’s recent arrest for domestic battery. Plus, a full recap of Nathan’s recent arrests and other issues.

Rare photo of Jenelle Eason and her dad Robert Evans, plus family background info

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason recently shared a video on social media in which she and her six-year-old daughter Ensley go through a bin of Jenelle’s childhood photos. The video included Jenelle sharing a rare photo of herself and her biological dad, Robert Evans.

Keep reading to check out the throwback pics. Plus, we dig up pretty much everything that is known about Robert, including details from his divorce from Barbara and how he found out Jenelle was on MTV!

Jenelle’s son Jace Evans runs away again, found 48 hours later & hospitalized

The teenage son of former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason continues to struggle. He reportedly ran away yet again over the weekend, this time from his grandmother, Barbara Evans. Keep reading for everything we know, including Jenelle and David’s Eason’s posts after Jace disappeared that seem to be making light of the situation. Plus, David leaves a scathing review for a local pediatrician accusing her of diagnosing mental illness just so that she can prescribe unneeded medication.

TEEN MOM 2 Complete Jenelle Evans dating timeline

In the interest of pop culture history, and also to assist with any future Investigation Discovery documentaries, we’ve combed the Starcasm archives and put together a comprehensive Jenelle Evans dating timeline!

Keep reading to take an extremely bumpy trip down Memory Lane, including Jenelle exes Andrew Lewis, Kieffer Delp, Josh Miller, Gary Head, Courtland Rogers, Nathan Griffith, David Eason and that Herbie dude.

Jenelle Eason’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers arrested weeks after overdose

Jenelle Eason’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers is currently back in Brunswick County Jail after being booked earlier today. The arrest comes less than six weeks after his wife, Lindsey Rogers, called 911 on August 28 after finding Courtland unconscious on the toilet from an apparent overdose.

Keep reading for details on Courtland’s most recent arrest, plus audio and transcript from Lindsey’s harrowing 911 call.