Bhad Bhabie broke up with her baby’s father, posts concerning photos, video

Today Bhad Bhabie (Danielle Bregoli) announced that she broke up with her boyfriend, Le Vaughn, in May, two months after she gave birth to their baby.

She also briefly posted graphic photos of herself with her eye completely swollen shut on her Instagram stories. The announcement that they’ve broken up is still up.

She said she’s trying to get custody of her daughter Kali Rose in since-deleted stories.

The 21-year-old announced her pregnancy to her fans in December, 2023, and gave birth in early March.

Danielle rose to fame in 2017 when her catch phrase “Catch Me Outside” on a Dr. Phil episode. At the time she was only 13-years-old.

When she turned 18 in 2021 she received two huge windfalls of money. The biggest was from her OnlyFans launch, from which she gained $18 million in the first month, April 2021. She eared $1 million in a the first day alone.

After the first month, her revenue dropped off from that extreme high, but continued to be extremely lucrative.

In 2022, she claimed she was worth $50 million because of OnlyFans.

She also sold “Cash Me Outside” NFTs in 2021. Whatever she netted from that sale, which came right before her OnlyFans launch, probably paled in comparison to OF.

In 2021, she also spoke out about the abuse she says she suffered as a young teen at Turn About Ranch, the treatment facility Dr. Phil sent her to after her viral episode.

Turn About Ranch is part of the “Troubled Teen” industry that’s been under scrutiny for the past few years. Paris Hilton has also been an outspoken advocate against the “Troubled Teen” industry.

After her baby’s birth, Danielle posted a few photos of her daughter online, but has since taken them all down. It’s understandable that she would be wary of sharing her child online, especially with her background. Her mother tried to get her on the Dr. Phil show since she was two years old.

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