Ashley Campbell’s old tweets about 90 Day Fiancé & other reality shows

Ashley Campbell 90 Day Fiance tweets

90 Day Fiancé star Ashley Campbell seemed to take over as host of the Season 10 Couples Tell All as she pressed her cast mates with questions that viewers really wanted the answers to.

One reason Ashley may have been so good at the job is because she is a huge reality TV fan! She tweeted often about numerous shows prior to being cast by Sharp Entertainment, and that includes comments about numerous 90 Day Fiancé cast members!

Ashley and Manuel were married in September of 2022, which is quite a while before the couple made their TLC debut in October of 2023. I would assume the two were cast for the show some time in the summer of 2022.

Ashley created a Twitter account to promote her StarSeedShadows witch insights in June of 2020. She remained active up until July of 2023.

In addition to astrological updates, Ashley provided commentary on several reality shows. She also shared a little info on her relationship with Manuel.

Ashley responded to a tweet asking where everyone met their current partner. “I met my current partner in Ecuador 10 years ago,” Ashley replied. “His aunt and uncle were my host parents 💕”

Ashley didn’t mention on the show that her host parents in Ecuador were Manuel’s aunt and uncle! She stated on camera that she first met Manuel on New Year’s Eve when he asked her to dance.

Ashley’s tweets about 90 Day Fiancé

We will start with some of Ashley’s tweets and retweets about 90 Day Fiancé. This first batch is from 90 Day Fiancé Season 8.

ASHLEY: Cannot stand Natalie but Michael is dead wrong here. He should be paying for that bus or car or whatever else she needs to get right back to her doorstep.

RETWEET: Michael knew he didn’t want to get married and waited until the day of to tell her that.

RETWEET: There is no way Harris is done with his baby momma. They’ve been together 14 years and have 3 kids together. He’s grifting the sh*t out of Stephanie right now, and I say more power to him.

RETWEET: Rebecca treats Zied like her child. Also the target lady doesn’t care that you are getting married for the fourth time.

ASHLEY: This dude Andrew gives me SUCH creepy dude vibes.

ASHLEY: Girl, get your green card and upgrade sorry not sorry. Something is INCORRECT about Andrew just sayin.

ASHLEY: I feel like Brandon’s parents are low key hoping he will bow out of the wedding now that the pressure is on…they think they slick.

ASHLEY: Don’t get cold feet now Brandon.

ASHLEY: Jovi…is a f**k boi, straight up.

ASHLEY: [In response to a tweet that included a screen cap of Andrew’s texts to Amira and claimed that it was emotional abuse] Sure issss.

ASHLEY: Look 👀 at Andrew LYIIINNNN.

ASHLEY: That girl was SCARED of you Andrew. She has all sorts of PTSD goin on cause of your ass.

ASHLEY: That Harris sh*t is heavy.

ASHLEY: Natalie married that green card…yep I said it 👀

ASHLEY: Look at her kiss him lol she said I am secured in the U.S of A hunnttyyy.

ASHLEY: Jovi’s mom is the GOAT and Jovi is way out of touch with reality.

ASHLEY: Jovi just sitting there..if a woman doesn’t get in that room and CHEER her on!!! Where’s Jovi’s mom right now aka the goat.

TWEET: Mike and Natalie had no business getting married tbh.

ASHLEY: Yo right tho. I’ll give that marriage a YEAR AND A DAY.

ASHLEY: Omg I’m sick of hearing Jovi say I’m sorry.

RETWEET: Gino ain’t ready for this woman. Lawd.

TWEET: Does Jennifer from #90dayfiancethesinglelife have a f**king wart on her lip ???

ASHLEY: Dude YES. that’s a straight up cold sore.

Ashley Campbell Bravo reality show tweets

TWEET: FACTS FACTS FACTS! All facts! But they don’t wanna hear the truth. We saw that last night on part 2 where Monique clear said “xyz happen” and productions plays a clip to show she is telling the truth….but everybody else say it didn’t happen. Like y’all blind or nah?

ASHLEY: No not blind at all. I saw it all too. It’s weird as sh*t they tryin to gaslight @iammrssamuels #bravo had me second guessing what I saw but we all saw it that girl had a glass in her hand and it was broken and she DID put her hand in @iammrssamuels face.

TWEET: That hand was probably about 2 ft away from her face. That’s an excuse. Look at where Giselle is standing. Candiace at that point had her face everywhere and the glass WHILE broken was still very much in her hand. Not thrown at anyone.

ASHLEY: We haven’t even touched the fact that OF COURSE it was giselle that initially pushed @iammrssamuels 👀 im sorry but if im already in a heated discussion with some1 i dont f**k with and everyone is talkin and yellin around me then out of nowhere someone starts pushin im activated.

TWEET: Exactly!!!! Just because her head was down don’t mean she can’t still attack back and that’s what she was doing with the glass. I don’t like how they making it seem like Mo just came in the barn and started fighting Candiace, she clearly was provoked.

ASHLEY: Right tho. Im not excusing @iammrssamuels actions…im just saying BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO acknowledge @candeegal role as well. Seems like noone is. @Andy @BravoWWHL.

TWEET: So we can all agree this should be Hannah’s last season right? #SummerHouse

ASHLEY: Yes yes yes all set #summerhouse.

ASHLEY: Hannah was about 80% cancelled for me…after whatever the f**k that was I’m all set #summerhouse

ASHLEY: Latoya is messssyyy #RHOA (With a “Tacky, trifling and just all types of messy” gif)

RETWEET: Kenya dressed up as a Native American for Halloween? 🥴 #rhoa

ANDY COHEN: My team is getting ready for THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY REUNION! Tweet me all of your Qs for the ladies & let me know where you’re from in the question!

ASHLEY: New York: Jennifer many women go through sexism in the workplace and are put in exploiting situations. Don’t you think Margaret being vulnerable opened a door for women to speak up about being in very similar situations? Y judge her? Comments like that continue the problem

TWEET: This is offensive to the real victims who get raped or taken advantage of.

ASHLEY: It is not on YOU to say whether or not her experience is real or not. The comment you’ve made is another one that continues the problem! You have no clue about this woman’s life. It’s disgusting that you would say her experiences aren’t real.

ASHLEY: These whites women are seriously making me sick @BravoTV #RHOBH #RHONY

ASHLEY: Sutton has the NERVE to cry…I can’t. SMH, dry your tears with your hundreds boo @BravoTV #RHOBH

ASHLEY: Aren’t nights a 3rd stews job normally? At least at the beginning 👀 @BelowDeckMedFan @BravoTV #BelowDeckMed #BelowDeck

TWEET: We all saw you @GizelleBryant bring up the false rumors in this scene. You were so PRESSED to make sure it made air, you said it AGAIN. Girl you r not a friend nor were you concerned. You just have a history of attacking marriages! I pray you find happiness in ur own life. #RHOP

TWEET: Monique warned you but instead you judged her, have a sit.


RETWEET: Sandoval is a douche. #PumpRules

ASHLEY: #rhop I get exactly what @TherealCANDIACE was saying and she’s RIGHT! I know none of you want to say it or own it but what she said was EXACTLY true. It is what it is.

KATE CHASTAIN: I want a 3 part docuseries on @Peacock titled “@Andy’s Road to #PumpRules Reunion” like J-lo had for the Super Bowl. Also I hope he shows up with just one note card that simply says #scandoval

ASHLEY: Omg yessss.

ASHLEY: Rachel isn’t even thinking about you James. Boi bye #VanderpumpRules

ASHLEY: I think Leah would fit well with Ty this group. Good job so far @BravoTV #RHONY

Ashley Campbell MTV reality show tweets

ASHLEY: @pimpfrydrice @GusSmyrnios is straight up gaslighting and deflecting. There something else going on. #FloribamaShore #MTVFloribamaShore

ASHLEY: #thechallenge love Wednesdays.

ASHLEY: They stay sh*ttin on aneesas name. SMH #thechallenge #TheChallengeDoubleAgents

RETWEET: Fessy loves to say everyone is always talking about him during the confessionals but he’s out here doing the most. KEEP THE GOAT OUT YA MOUTH smh #TheChallenge36 #TheChallengeDoubleAgents

RETWEET: So Kaycee is quiet, Josh is annoying and trash and Fessy is cocky and unaccomplished. Devin was right. BIG BROTHER SUCKS!!!!!!!! P.s. Except Davonne. #TheChallengeDoubleAgents #TheChallenge36

ASHLEY: So ready to cancel phessy. He gets on my nerves #TheChallenge

ASHLEY: Whereas Kurt’s hoodie from tho? #FloribamaShore

Ashley Campbell Married At First Sight Tweets

ASHLEY: Paige should be the next #bachelorette #MAFS

ASHLEY: Ryan is a virgin. I think we all know and good for him. He shouldn’t be ashamed of it #MAFS

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