Which Love Is Blind Season 6 couple had the most screen time? By almost double!?

Love Is Blind Season 6 couples screen times

The Love Is Blind Season 6 wedding episode dropped earlier today with three couples still together and hoping to make it down the aisle.

As I started watching the episode I felt like I really knew AD, Clay, Chelsea and Jimmy.

However, I was struck by the fact that I didn’t feel like I knew Amy and Johnny well at all. Also, I didn’t feel much of an emotional connection (whether positive or negative) to their relationship, which is something I definitely felt for the other couples.

Amy and Johnny were the least dramatic of all of the couples who got engaged this season, so that was certainly a factor. But I was curious whether it might also be the fact that I had literally seen less of them this season.

To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to tally up the screen time for all of the couples to see if they were evenly balanced, or if there was, in fact, a sizable discrepancy.

I focussed on the episodes after the couples left the pods and I did not include scenes that were less than one minute.

In order to count as “screen time” for a couple, a scene had to include just the couple, one or both talking with family members or friends, or one or both talking with a single other cast member for longer than a minute.

As an example, Jimmy speaking with Jessica at the barbecue WOULD count towards Jimmy and Chelsea’s screen time. Remember, this is just me trying to understand why I felt like I knew certain cast members better than others. For better or worse, I definitely got to know Jimmy better thanks to his scene with Jessica! (And the same goes for AD’s scene with Sarah Anne, Chelsea’s scene with Trevor, etc.)

This means that group scenes were excluded. I also did not count the bachelor/bachelorette parties or the scenes buying tuxes and wedding dresses.

Here is a chart with the results:

Love Is Blind Season 6 screen time for each couple after the pods and before the weddings

Love Is Blind Season 6 screen times for each couple

Brittany and Kenneth:
28 minutes, 41 seconds

Amy and Johnny:
29 minutes 9 seconds

Jeramey and Laura:
45 minutes, 35 seconds

AD and Clay:
56 minutes, 32 seconds

Jimmy and Chelsea:
110 minutes, 49 seconds

HOLY WOW that’s A LOT of Jimmy and Chelsea!!! I guess their awkward fight scenes didn’t just seem like they were taking forever! 😂

It’s good to know I wasn’t crazy about the Amy and Johnny thing. They had roughly half the screen time of AD and Clay, and a little more than one quarter of Jimmy and Chelsea’s screen time. Wild!


I was shocked when I tallied the screen time for each of the #LoveIsBlind couples after the pods and before the weddings! NO WONDER I didn’t feel like I knew Amy and Johnny all that well! (Screen time excludes group scenes and also doesn’t include the bachelor/bachelorette parties or the tux/dress fittings.) #LoveIsBlindS6 #LoveIsBlindSeason6 #AmyAndJohnny

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Let me just say that I may not have felt a real connection to Amy and Johnny this season, but the same can’t be said for Amy’s dad. He wore his heart on his sleeve when it came to his only daughter, and it was wonderful to see him willing to share that with viewers on the show.

Congratulations to Amy and Johnny! This show wasn’t a competition for screen time, and it’s clear they are the true winners of Love Is Blind Season 6!

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