SISTER WIVES Robyn Brown silent on Garrison Brown’s suicide days after his passing

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Loss brings a family together for the most tragic reasons. Kody, Meri, Janelle and Christine Brown have all shared public statements on Garrison Brown’s passing.

All of the Sister Wives stars have expressed their condolences except for Robyn.

See the parent’s tributes and speculation on why Robyn Sullivan Brown has yet to comment…

Robert Garrison Brown dead at 25

Janelle’s son Robert Garrison Brown was found dead by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound on March 5th. On 03/05/2024 Flagstaff Police responded to a report of a death inside Brown’s home. Reportedly his brother Gabriel was the one who discovered his body.

SISTER WIVES Robert Garrison Brown dating history

Garrison was single at the time of his passing and had a strained relationship with his father and some of his extended family including “mom” Robyn Sullivan Brown.

Robyn Brown silent 

Robyn Brown is the only star of the series Sister Wives to not yet post a public tribute to Robert Garrison Brown. We’ve posted the rest of the parent’s tributes later in the article, but cannot stop speculating on why Robyn has been so silent.

One reason could be that the polygamist family members were on the outs at the time of Garrison’s passing. A feud over a Christmas gift exchange tore the Browns apart and the relationships between Robyn’s kids and the rest of the siblings was never the same.

SISTER WIVES Robert Garrison Brown is Sister Wives third death by suicide

Another reason may have to do with trauma from another suicide in her family. Brown’s biological brother died of self-inflicted causes when he was 22.

In all fairness, it’s possible that Robyn Brown simply doesn’t use social media any more. Fans announced they had “driven Sobyn off Instagram” when she made what would be her final post to the site in March 2019.

Sister Wives Comment on Garrison’s passing

Though Robyn Brown still has yet to comment, the rest of Robert Garrison Brown’s family has shared tributes. Parents Kody and Janelle showed a united front when they both posted matching messages:

Meri Brown, who has officially separated from Kody, posted the same message in a heartbreaking show of solidarity.

Christine went her own route, but she has spoken out, posting a loving video of when Garrison helped her daughter Truely with a flowerbed.

At publication on March 8, 2024, Robyn has not made any public comment on the passing of Garrison Brown.

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