Love During Lockup Sincer-A caught having sex with trans inmate convicted of murder

Love During Lockup Mark and Sincer-A Nerton

Love During Lockup Season 2 inmate Sincer-A Nerton was recently caught making love during lockup with a well-known trans inmate convicted of murder.

According to National Review, Amber FayeFox Kim (formerly Bryan Kim) was caught having sex with Sincer-A in a cell at the Washington Corrections Center for Women on March 14.

In the late afternoon in the Medium security unit (MSU) at WCCW, nicknamed ‘Purdy,’ the prison guard looked into a cell during a routine check and saw Kim ‘laying on the floor completely nude from the waist down with their cellmate Nerton Sincer-A on top of them also nude from the waist down actively having sex,’ the [incident] report said.

The felon-on-felon hook up was filed as an infraction with a follow-up hearing likely.

Amber FayeFox Kim murder conviction details

Amber FayeFox Kim was found guilty of two counts of aggravated first-degree murder in 2008 after stabbing her father, Richard Kim, and bludgeoning and strangling her mother, Terri Kim.

From the Seattle Times soon after Amber’s arrest, when she was 18-year-old Bryan Kim:

Investigators allege in court documents that shortly after his parents told him he had to move out, Bryan killed them, dumped their bodies in the bucket of a small tractor, then picked up his girlfriend on Wednesday morning and headed to school.

Investigators allege Bryan left his home Wednesday morning, picked up his girlfriend to take her to school, withdrew $1,000 from his father’s bank account and then went to class at Mount Spokane High School, where he was arrested.

Detectives told District Court Judge Richard White that Bryan Kim had arrests for assault, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment dating back to August 2002. His parents were listed as the victims in each of the cases.

Amber was sentenced to life in prison. She later came out as trans, and after a long battle, she was transferred to a women’s prison in early 2021.

Amber’s story was the subject of a lengthy Huffington Post article in November of last year titled, “Inside The Brutal Struggle For Trans Care In Prison.”

Mark suggested Sincer-A get pregnant by trans inmate to get out of prison early

Love During Lockup fans will likely recall Sincer-A’s on-screen boyfriend, Mark Wagner, coming up with a crazy scheme to get her out of prison early.

Here is a video followed by a transcript of Mark’s brilliant idea:

MARK: “You know, I had a question for you because I would see in the news that there’s, like, a lot of trans inmates that are in women’s prisons and, like, there’s been some things going on with them, like, sleeping with other girls. Is that in your — like, in your unit? Do they have that too? …Have you ever, like — have you ever thought about that, as a — like, so if you get pregnant, you get released early.”

SINCER-A: “What exactly are you suggesting Mark? So you think that if I got pregnant, I’d get released early?”

MARK: “I mean, like, if you got pregnant, you’d have a kid — you’d have to raise a kid — but you’d also not have all that time that you still have left to serve potentially. And maybe my mind just works this way because I am also a sperm donor and, like, I know how easy it is to do that.”

SINCER-A: “Umm…”

I agree with Sincer-A! Umm…

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