LOVE IS BLIND Johnie Maraist is dating a man who applied to be on her season of the show

Johnie Love is Blind and new boyfriend Alex

32-year-old Houston lawyer Johnie Maraist was part of a love triangle on Season 5 of Love is Blind. All of her love connections fell through, but now she’s found love with a man who applied to be on the show for her season.

How did Johnie Maraist and her new boyfriend meet?

Johnie shared on TikTok that she and her boyfriend Alex Yovanovic, who she has been dating for over a year, met on Bumble.

Johnie first announced her new relationship in October, 2023 after the world learned that her relationship Chris Fox had disintegrated. Johnie and Chris did not get engaged and continue with the rest of the show other that appearing at the barbecue and the reunion.

Johnie rejected Chris because she wanted to be with Izzy Zapata, but Izzy rejected her for Stacy Synder. After this, Johnie tried to get Chris back in the pods, but it didn’t work. They found each other at the airport, however, and briefly dating in real life. Chris cheated on Johnie, and then ghosted her.

Johnie then announced she was “doing just fine” in an Instagram post with Alex Yovanovic.

Why didn’t Alex go on Love is Blind

In her TikTok caption, Johnie says Alex didn’t feel like the show as right for him. “Sometimes we wonder if my season would’ve gone differently for me if he’d said yes,” Johnie shared. “But at the end of the day, all that matters is that we found each other.”

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