UNEXPECTED The Haileys’ ex Matthew Blevins arrested again

TLC Unexpected Hailey's ex Matthew Blevins arrested again in 2024

Serial Hailey impregnator Matthew Blevins has been arrested again. The former Unexpected star, who infamously got two teen best friends named Hailey pregnant in Season 3, was back in jail in Louisville on April Fool’s Day.

According to court and jail records, now-21-year-old Matthew was booked into a Louisville, Kentucky jail on the morning of April 1. He was charged with a misdemeanor count of receiving stolen property.

Matthew was released early in the evening on the same day he was booked. He is scheduled for a pre-trial conference on June 21.

Here’s is how receiving stolen property is defined by the Kentucky Statute Matthew is accused of violating (emphasis added):

A person is guilty of receiving stolen property when he or she receives, retains, or disposes of movable property of another knowing that it has been stolen, or having reason to believe that it has been stolen, unless the property is received, retained, or disposed of with intent to restore it to the owner.

Matthew was on diversion from felony conviction

A misdemeanor charge may not seem too serious, but it is very serious for Matthew because he is currently part of a pre-trial diversion program stemming from his felony robbery conviction in 2023.

According to the Kentucky Department of Corrections, Matthew was being supervised for 24 months starting in July of 2023. His sentence is listed as 3 years, so I am assuming the recent arrest puts Matthew at risk of having to serve out that 3-year sentence.

There doesn’t appear to be any sort of diversion violation hearing scheduled as of today. The next scheduled hearing in regards to Matthew’s robbery case is “Diversion Completion” on August 1, 2026.

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