Jeremiah Raber says Kate Stoltz ‘slept with half production’ on Breaking Amish

Breaking Amish Kate Stoltz Jeremiah Raber feud 2024

Breaking Amish and Return To Amish bad boy Jeremiah Raber looks to be rekindling an old feud with his co-star Kate Stoltzfus!

Jeremiah joined another TLC villain, 90 Day Fiancé‘s Angela Deem, on a recent TikTok live stream hosted by @carolmbithem. The topic of people making the red carpet came up during the stream, and that’s when Jeremiah made a startling accusation about Kate.

“Here’s a sad reality, Angela. So, there was only one person on our show that made it to the red carpet, and that was Kate,” Jeremiah said. “But, do you know what Kate also did?”

Before Jeremiah could answer his own question, he was interrupted by Angela. Eventually he was able to finish. “Do you know what Kate did? She slept with half production.”

Jeremiah continued: “That is the honest truth. Production even bragged about it.” Later, Jeremiah further suggested that Kate making it to the red carpet was because of the production hook ups. “Is that what you have to do to get to the red carpet?” Jeremiah asked. “It makes you wonder,” he added, as he raised his arms behind his head.

The portion of the live stream with Jeremiah’s claims about Kate was re-posted by @therealitytvmess on Instagram:

Kate Stoltz has yet to respond to Jeremiah’s allegations. She continues to live her seemingly wonderful life as a fashion designer, model, painter, activist and non-profit CEO.

Here’s an interview Kate did with another Kate, Kate Broug, in July of 2022:

And an example of one of Kate’s recent paintings:

Jeremiah and Kate’s feud history

Jeremiah Raber publicly going after his Breaking Amish co-star Kate Stoltz is nothing new. In August of 2016, Jeremiah openly declared that he HATED (in all caps) Kate in a series of tweets.

Jeremiah and Kate got into a very acrimonious back-and-forth on Twitter. Here is one screen cap from their interactions that includes their co-star, Sabrina Burkhalter, as well:

Breaking Amish Kate Stoltz Jeremiah Raber Twitter feud

Jeremiah Raber production sex scandal

There’s no evidence to support Jeremiah Raber’s claims about Kate Stoltz being involved with members of Breaking Amish production. However, it must be conceded that Jeremiah is quite knowledgable about scandals involving production and cast!

In 2016, a movie that Jeremiah was a lead actor in was forced to fire a member of the cast for several reasons, including “sexual advancements made to one of the actresses.”

The movie was called The Plain People. Filmmakers Twisted Brothers Production issued a lengthy statement about production being shut down, including the following details:

The cancellation is due to discrepancies with certain individuals involved with the film. The decision was made to release an actor from the production for his actions that we do not approve. These actions included, lying about conversations that never happened, sexual advancements made to one of the actresses and the repeated statements made by this actor of how he wasn’t sure of his participation with the film. At that point, false accusations were being made that the decision was all based on our want for “money and power” as made by a select few involved in the film.

Jeremiah initially insisted that he had not been kicked off the production, but later seemed to confirm the reports when he and his wife at the time, Carmela Raber, issued statements in response to the controversy.

“People make mistakes and I’m one of them,” Jeremiah said in one of the greatest quotes of all time. “In no way am I saying what I did was right but I can promise that it wasn’t what others made it out to be. Me and Carmela have worked through it and will stand strong til the end.”

Carmela had a similar tone with her statement. “Just wanted to say I’m fully aware of what happened,” she said. “We are trying to get through this tough time…We’ve all made mistakes in life, Jeremiah and I had a rocky start and this would be one of our worst and in order to get to the better we have to overcome this situation.”

Carmela stated she wasn’t looking for any sympathy, and added that she and Jeremiah would get through it with God’s help. “Please keep us in your prayers,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, the lead actress in the film had some very harsh things to say about Jeremiah. “He’s a pig he’s a pervert,” Ashley Zambo Geneva tweeted about him. “He THINKS he’s someone important. In reality, he’s a disgusting manipulative and ew.”

Ashley later claimed that Jeremiah “100% bragged about cheating on his wife” and called Jeremiah a “pathetic sexual harassing asshat.”

After issuing his unusually contrite statement, Jeremiah regained his trademark swagger and unmerited self-confidence. “You won’t succeed in trying to rip us apart so move on,” he tweeted, adding the #GiveItUp hash tag.

In March of 2022, Carmela kicked Jeremiah out of their recently purchased Washington home and filed a restraining order against him. Jeremiah was homeless and living out of his car as he tried to raise enough money to return to Ohio.

Carmela later talked about the split and claimed Jeremiah was still abusive and owed her a lot of money.

Jeremiah Raber eventually made it back to Ohio. Click here for a full Jeremiah and Carmela relationship timeline!

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