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American Pickers’ Danielle Colby reveals she was sexually molested as a child, in abusive relationships as an adult

American Pickers star Danielle Colby Cushman recently defended her choice to be a burlesque dancer and revealed what inspired her to dance burlesque. That explanation included revealing that she was raised by Jehovah’s Witnesses, has been in abusive relationships, and was sexually molested as a child.

American Pickers moves to Wednesday night, heads to Europe for Season 6 premiering October 9

History’s blockbuster treasure hunting travel series American Pickers is making some major changes when it returns for its sixth season this October. In addition to moving from Monday nights to Wednesday nights at 9/8c, the new season will feature Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz exercising their picking (and language and currency conversion) skills on the backroads of England and Italy!

American Pickers’ Danielle Colby is married! Meet her husband Alexandre

We here at Starcasm have made no qualms about pronouncing our affinity for American Pickers office manager (and burlesque dancer, and roller derby vet, and tattooed beauty queen, and music aficianado, and internet haters silencer, and…) Danielle Colby, but although we have covered her activities and endeavors quite extensively over the last few years, there’s one little fact that managed to slip under our radar: Danielle is married!

Are American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz gay?

American Pickers co-stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are two affable male partners traveling all over the country together antiquing. Throw in a bit of lighthearted bickering and the result is some speculation among viewers about just how close the two men are. In fact, there are more than 12,000 monthly Google searches for “are the American Pickers gay?” We spoke with Mike and Frank’s co-star, Danielle Colby, about the rumors. Plus, we did a little research into something that isn’t talked much about on the show: Mike and Frank’s personal lives.

PHOTOS American Pickers’ Danielle Colby moves her shop 4 Miles 2 Memphis to Chicago

In addition to being a burlesque dancing office manager for Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe’s Antique Archaeology, American Pickers star Danielle Colby Cushman is also a shop owner herself. She opened the doors to 4 Miles 2 Memphis right around the block from Antique Archaeology in LeClaire, Iowa on December 3, 2012. But it seems her shop, which features Danielle’s handmade clothes, printed t-shirts, and artwork as well as some of her own “picks” from flea markets and back yards around the country, had big city dreams because Danielle revealed in January that she was closing the doors and relocating it to Chicago!

PHOTO Danielle Colby’s ‘Pretty In Ink’ magazine cover

Danielle Colby, the Antique Archaeology office manager from History Channel’s hugely popular America Pickers, has been a bit off the radar thanks to her acquisition of a second home in Logan Square, just outside of Chicago. But, her move and splitting time between the LeCalire, Iowa and Nashville, Tennessee locations of Antique Archaeology didn’t stop Danielle from taking time out for an interview and photo shoot with Pretty In Ink magazine!

PHOTOS American Pickers Danielle Colby shows off huge new Frida Kahlo tattoo

American Pickers star Danielle Colby Cushman is already one of the most colorful characters (both literally and figuratively) in all of reality television, but the 36-year-old recently added even more color in the form of a huge tattoo of one of her heroes, Mexican painter Frida Kahlo! The vibrant tribute is on Danielle’s right arm and was done by tattoo artist Alex Strangler.

Danielle from American Pickers covers ‘Pin Up America’ magazine as Dannie Diesel

While other reality starlets wind up on the covers of tabloids caught in various scandals or victimized by close friends looking to make a fast buck by ratting them out, American Pickers star Danielle Colby Cushman finds herself on the cover of the current issue of Pin Up America on her own terms. Or on the terms of Dannie Diesel, her burlesque dancing alter ego.