SEEKING SISTER WIFE Dannielle Merrifield pregnancy confirmed in new preview?

Seeking Sister Wife Dannielle Merrifield pregnant

After mounting evidence seemed to confirm that Seeking Sister Wife star Dannielle Merrifield was pregnant and gave birth to a third child in 2023, show producers appear to have given up on trying to keep the pregnancy a secret.

In a new preview clip that aired at the end of Monday night’s episode, Dannielle can be seen in a confessional (screen cap above) with husband Garrick resting her hand on what looks to be a large baby bump.

The pregnancy isn’t specifically referenced in the preview clip, but the inclusion of the confessional with Dannielle clearly seems to be an indication that producers wanted to create buzz about a Merrifield baby.

In addition to the baby bombshell, Seeking Sister Wife viewers can also look forward to a dramatic split between Garrick and Dannielle just prior to her finding out she is pregnant.

The break up spoiler was courtesy of the network releasing synopses for upcoming episodes weeks in advance. In the synopsis for the episode titled “Seeking the Unexpected” airing on April 22, it is revealed that “after a month apart, Dannielle calls Garrick with shocking news.” It is assumed the “shocking news” is the pregnancy reveal.

Garrick and Nathalia wedding?!

In a synopsis for the Seeking Sister Wife episode titled “Seeking A Silver Lining” airing April 29, there is another shocking spoiler reveal: Garrick and Nathalia get married! Or, at least, they plan to.

“Dannielle arrives in Brazil to attend Garrick and Nathalia’s wedding,” reads the synopsis. In the next episode, titled “Seeking a Deeper Understanding,” it appears Dannielle may put a monkey wrench in the wedding plans.

“The Merrifields meet Nathalia’s friends, and Dannielle reveals her true feelings to Nathalia,” the synopsis for that episode reveals.

It’s unclear if Garrick and Nathalia went through with the wedding based on the episode synopses. The show apparently does not include Garrick and Dannielle in the May 14 episode, but they return on May 21 for “Seeking Common Ground.”

“The Merrifields invite a new potential sister wife into their home for the weekend without telling Nathalia,” the synopsis states. I assume this is Mariam from Michigan, who was featured in the preview clips that included Dannielle’s baby bump.

Potential Merrifield sister wife Mariam from Michigan

This season looks like a WILD RIDE for the Merrifields! Buckle up and follow along with new episodes of Seeking Sister Wife airing Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC and streaming on Discovery+ and Max!

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