LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Kristianna Miller arrested again

Kristianna Miller from Love After Lockup arrested again 2024

We have some unfortunate news to report for Love After Lockup fans. Kristianna Miller, who was the “Bonnie” inmate who married her “Clyde” John Miller in the back of a pickup truck in Season 4, is back in jail in Iowa.

According to jail records, Kristianna was booked early this morning on the following charges:

2nd Degree Theft – Motor Vehicle Theft
Class D Felony

Marijuana Possession – 1st Offense
Serious Misdemeanor

Meth Possession – 1st Offense
Serious Misdemeanor

Kristianna’s bond has been set at $10,000. She has a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 7.

UPDATE – Kristianna posted her bond on April 9 and was released.

Did Kristianna violate parole, or are these new charges?

The last time we checked in on Kristianna was in October when it appeared she was finally off paper (completed parole) from her 10-year prison sentence in 2016.

According to Kristianna’s court case, her felony theft charge has an offense date of February 27, 2024. The other two charges have an offense date of February 29, 2024. So, it appears that all three of her current charges are new.

In addition to the criminal charges, Kristianna was also cited today for driving without a license. It’s not difficult to come up with a speculative narrative.

Kristianna “borrowed” someone’s car on Tuesday. She was pulled over earlier today and police found out her license was suspended. During the arrest they found meth and marijuana in the car or on Kristianna’s person. At some point, the car/truck Kristianna was driving was reported stolen. This is purely speculation, but it would explain all of the charges.

I should also note that the docket for Kristianna’s case includes a No Contact Order. There are no details available on who the No Contact Order was for, but perhaps it was the owner of the vehicle?

Kristianna’s concerning Facebook post

Just a few days prior to her arrest, Kristianna shared a very concerning post on Facebook.

“Gosh the world is such a disaster and I want to rid of addiction sooooo fu**en bad,” Kristianna wrote on Sunday. “I’m trying to seek help right now…. thanks so much to my real friends and family.”

The post was accompanied by this selfie:

Kristianna Miller Love After Lockup Facebook 2024

Kristianna returned later in the day with a positive update. “Feeling a little bit more like I should,” she captioned a happier looking selfie. “F**k I hate you drugs.”

Kristianna Miller Life After Lockup Facebook 2024

The most recent arrest is just the latest in a very long string of legal issues for 39-year-old Kristianna, who also has a long history of addiction issues.

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