SUMMER HOUSE Is West Wilson sexy?

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West Wilson, the season 8 newbie on Summer House, has social media, and Ciara Miller, buzzing. Is this short king the new Sexiest Man of the Hamptons?

Keep scrolling to learn more about Wilson here, like how he was honored for his Style & Swag in a local newspaper…

West Wilson

Westling (West) Conrad Wilson is the newest addition to Summer House season 8 and a lot of girls and gays are buzzing at the potential of a hottie finally entering the chat.

Wilson grew up in the Midwest, Columbus, Missouri area with a gynecologist mom (seems promising…) and a dad who was seriously into cows. Between Victoria’s Secret model Ciara Miller cooking dinner to be closer to him and Twitter going absolutely nuts, it’s possible Wilson is the short king* we didn’t know we needed…

According to his official Bravo bio:

A 28-year-old sports journalist, West Wilson was introduced to the group through Lindsay, whom he met out one night in the city. After being laid off during a mass staff change, he is on the hunt for the next opportunity. When it comes to dating, West’s biggest hurdle is being able to commit. As he turns on his Midwestern charm and quickly focuses his attention on a fellow housemate, will this be his chance to push himself to take things past the casual dating stage?

While we’re pretty sure this cutie is still single, West seems to have figured his finances out at least. 6 months ago he became Sports Social and Editorial Producer at Complex in New York City. Peep his LinkedIn here. Nice!

*Where did West get the reputation of being short, anyway? He clocks in at 5’11 (…+/-)… not bad at all, just not as massive as the other newcomer Jesse Solomon who’s 6’5 (…+/-).

Style & Swag

It appears that Westling Wilson has been known for his sex appeal for a while. Fans are loving that he is taking his time getting to know the ladies of the house instead of coming on too strong. In a throwback from September 2011, a local newspaper highlighted Wilson for his ‘Style & Swag.’

The Rock Bridge safety was known for his “silky hair” and “laid-back personality.” This still totally tracks!

A shot of West from Summer House‘s “silky hair…”

And to anyone who may be interested… his… umm… he seems to have the full package?

West Summer House Twitter buzz

Ciara Miller isn’t the only one thirsting after West Wilson. Read these tweets to see what fans think of Summer House‘s newest hottie…

Final verdict? West Wilson is a super hottie! Catch him on Summer House Thursdays at 8 PM CT on Bravo.

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