What Josh Duggar eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day in prison

Josh Duggar sentenced to more than 12 years in prison

The Federal Bureau of Prisons national menu for 2024 gives a glimpse into what 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar eats every day in jail.

Duggar is currently serving a 12 year sentence for possessing inappropriate content of minors.

Duggar’s prison meals

What Josh Duggar is up to in prison has been a topic on many people’s minds and with that comes a curiosity of about his standard of living. Duggar is in FCI Seagoville, a low security federal correctional institution, so many things about his punishment may not be as bad as you might think they should be.

As you may know, the eldest child of 19 Kids and Counting star’s Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar was arrested for one count of child p*rnography and one count of possession of child p*rnography in April 2021.

What Josh Duggar will eat on first Christmas in prison

Previously Starcasm has reported on what Josh Duggar ate for Thanksgiving and Christmas in jail. Now we have access to his entire meal schedule, including the potential food-related consequences that come along with breaking the rules.

Federal Bureau of Prisons national menu

The Federal Bureau of Prisons national menu for 2024 details the day to day meal schedule for every prisoner jailed in a federal prison in America. Everything seems fairly balanced; fruit is offered every day, for example.

On the menu are several keys to help understand what the prisoners are eating. A heart symbol means that the offering is heart healthy, while the pound sign indicates that it is a “no flesh entree item.” Some of the vegetarian entree items include black bean burgers and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Some of the fancier meals that kind of surprise us are pepper steak, turkey roast and chicken fajitas. Doesn’t sound half bad…


In addition to dietary information the schedule explains that in satellite feeding situations dry cereal and milk may be offered instead of hot cereal and skim milk. This is likely due to safety.


Interestingly enough, Josh Duggar spent some time in solitary confinement already due to breaking several rules including possessing a cell phone. Enjoy your cold cereal, a-hole!

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