SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY Mia Alario is becoming a food blogger [Exclusive interview]

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After Mia Alario was fired from Republic Garden & Lounge in Season 2 of Southern Hospitality she caught some flack for not having a job. Alario is thriving now with a foodie Instagram on the way and she is telling Starcasm all about it.

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Mia Alario Southern Hospitality

Mia Alario of Southern Hospitality has been thriving since season 2 wrapped on the up-and-coming Bravo series. What we know so far is that she is still with Mr. Perfect Troy Radke, she just got a new set of ‘chocolate chips’ (her words!), and she’s got a major project on the way that is sure to tickle your tastebuds!

‘Mia Munched Here’ (@MiaMunchedHere) launched on March 23, 2024. Its bio reads:

Mia Munched Here! Food Consultant | embark on an epicurean adventure: my wanderlust for the palate expands at every turn. | join me or perish 🍽️| CHS |

Foodie blog

Alario has been sharing her love of food with her Instagram followers for a while. In her story archive called “Mimi eats,” photos of delicious treats date back 321 weeks. Now she’s creating a page specifically for the purpose of sharing her foodie favorites with the world.

Her first few posts to ‘Mia Munched Here’ look freaking delicious so the good news is the girl knows how to eat! 

It’s also nice she tagged her location as Charleston… as it gives fans hope that she’ll return to Southern Hospitality for season 3… which was just renewed by Bravo (yay!)

Starcasm interview with Mia Alario

We were lucky enough to ask Alario some questions about her new venture and she gave us the insider info on where to eat (when you’re not partying at Republic, ofc…)

Starcasm: Why did you decide to start a food blog?

Mia Alario: I’ve always wanted to start a food account. A mix between a blog/criticism account. I always say one of my hobbies is eating lol and I think that I talk about food in a creative way that’s fun to read/ listen to. I want to incorporate videos as well.

Starcasm: We gotta know your favorite food. Where is the best place to eat in Charleston?

Alario: Fave place to eat in [Charleston] is Malagón . Specifically the Sobrasada, chicken, churros and ice cream! The best meal in Charleston hands down.

To book a reservation at Malagón click here.

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