Amy Duggar King sobs as she explains Duggar punishment tactic ‘blanket training’ from 19 Kids and Counting


Amy Duggar King crying about blanket training

Amy Duggar King, cousin to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 kids from 19 Kids and Counting on TLC, sobs on TikTok explaining her family’s now infamous punishment method called ‘blanket training’…

Keep reading to see Amy explain what happened to her cousins in the dramatic video below:

Amy Duggar King TikTok

Amy Duggar King, cousin of sex offender Joshua Duggar and siblings from 19 Kids and Counting, is sobbing on TikTok calling out her controversial family’s preferred method for punishing their kids.

Known as blanket training, many ‘fundie’-followers have heard about this tactic for years. Now, Duggar King wants you to know that she would “never f-ing” do that…

I would never f-ing do this. This is what it is though, they move the toy off the blanket [sobs] obviously the baby goes after the toy. They get spanked and get hurt for moving off the blanket and they get punished for getting off the blanket. The baby eventually learns they can’t get off the blanket or they’ll “get hurt” in the form of a slap on the leg or spanking. It’s terrible. So the baby at a very young age learns how to obey his mom or dad or older siblings, in fear. The sweet baby grows up in fear.

Michelle Duggar blanket training quote

Possibly the most interesting part of Amy Duggar King’s above statement is the line “how to obey his mom or dad or older siblings” – is this a dig at her uncle Jim Bob and aunt Michelle’s “buddy system” that puts slightly older Duggar children in charge of the babies? Was Jill Dillard or Jinger Vuolo allowed to use corporal punishment on her buddy group??

We do know for sure that the Duggar children from Joshua on down were blanket trained as Michelle has spoken on the topic publicly several times, even including it in her book

I would focus on blanket training, calling out ‘Okay, boys! It’s blanket time! Oh, isn’t this fun? Come pick a toy so we can have blanket time. Some days we might practice blanket time three or four times; Other days we only got it in once. But gradually, it became a common practice. The boys learned to spread out their own blankets, then they eagerly chose a special toy to play with.

We now know that the method invented by “To Train Up a Child,” by Michael and Debi Pearl isn’t as sweet as Michelle makes it sound and the repercussions of moving off of the blanket were grim. 

Amy has been a whistleblower in her family for years, and with her participation in the Duggar exposé Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets it’s a guarantee she’ll keep spilling more tea.

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