WHO TF DID I MARRY? Why Reesa Teesa and Legion quarantined together, and did he really pay her bills?

After their first date on March 7, 2020, things continued to go well for Reesa Teesa and Legion, according to Reesa. For the next two and a half weeks they continued to talk and they went out again at Red Lobster. Because this was at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, they had to think about what they were going to do during quarantine.

Legion was staying in a studio apartment, despite his claims of being wealthy and being set up by his employer. He explained away his humble dwellings by telling Reesa that it was only temporary.

He even offered Reesa some proof of this claim in the form of an email from an employee who he said on currently on maternity leave, but was helping him get in touch with a realtor to help him either find a townhome or a house.

Reesa said she completely believed that this was only a temporary situation, especially because the woman was profusely apologizing in the email for not having Legion’s housing situation sorted out earlier. “I saw the email,” Reesa says. “I read it.”

Reesa says that because she really wanted to see if their relationship would “grow into something,” she agreed to let him stay at her three-bedroom townhouse during quarantine.

At the time, Reesa was having an internal struggle about living with Legion before they were married because of her religious beliefs.

When Legion moved in, he started paying Reese’s household bills, including the rent, which was less than $1,000. Reesa said that she was under the impression that Legion was wealthy because he said he was a regional manager.

“It was intoxicating to not have to worry financially,” Reesa says.

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