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TIKTOK Bratz Community Drama: He sent his mother’s ashes for revenge

A few days ago TikTok creator @_anastasiagracia_ put out a call to action to hear about the drama in niche communities. She cloaked it by asking if there were any communities with “no drama,” but mentioned how drama always seems to pop off no matter the common interest that brings people together. She mentioned in particular the stationary and beehive communities. And, of course, she got back a ton of stitches spilling tea. One rather macabre tale comes from the Bratz doll collector community, as told by @joolieannie.

TIK TOK MEME Florida Sheriff asks people to ‘Just chill out. Drink a 7 Up. Eat a MoonPie. Quit murdering people.’

Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk, County Florida has a solution for the increase of homicides in both his county and the United States at large since the pandemic: “Just chill out. Drink a 7 Up. Eat a MoonPie. Quit murdering people.” This advice has gone viral on TikTok, and pretty much all social media platforms, because it’s both absurd and relatable.

YOUTUBE David Dobrik copycat Alex Warren sounds exactly like him!

There’s a difference between being heavily influenced by someone else’s ideas and being a direct copy of them. Tik Tok celeb Alex Warren has potentially crossed that boundary with YouTube vlogging legend David Dobrik. Warren is just not creating short, jokey, fast-paced vlogs with his friend group/business partners, he’s going as far as to mimic David’s iconic laugh, vocal inflections and word choices.