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TIKTOK Sarah Joy faked being Amish?

Yesterday (March 26, 2024) a TikToker named Sarah Joy who goes by @thatplaingirl had her fans extremely worried. She had amassed a following of over 400k with the story that she was a Plain, a.k.a. Amish, girl who had somehow snuck a cellphone and dreamed of escaping her life to become a hairdresser.

In her last TikTok, Sarah Joy displayed a far different demeanor from her usual bubbly or bubbly self and she appeared to read off a script as she announced that this was her “last TikTok while she’s still in the community (meaning the Amish community.)”

Since then multiple people have come forward with evidence that Sarah may have never been Amish at all. What’s going on with Sarah Joy?

WHO TF DID I MARRY? Why Reesa Teesa and Legion quarantined together, and did he really pay her bills?

After their first date on March 7, 2020, things continued to go well for Reesa Teesa and Legion, according to Reesa. For the next two and a half weeks they continued to talk and they went out again at Red Lobster. Because this was at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, they had to think about what they were going to do during quarantine.

Pink Sauce Creator set up a GoFundMe for $100,000 to prevent eviction

Viral Pink Sauce creator Chef Pii, also known as Veronica Shaw, has had a whirlwind of a year. After her homemade dragonfruit colored sauce gained popularity last summer, it stirred up a lot of controversy. However, things seemed to be looking up for Chef Pii when she partnered with a company to produce and sell the sauce in stores like Walmart. Sadly, Chef Pii now reveals that she is facing eviction and struggling to provide for her children’s basic needs such as food and school supplies.

Tarte Influencer Trip Drama at the Miami Grand Prix is Wild!

This year Tarte Cosmetics has brought back their influencer trips that once swept Beauty YouTube culture several years ago. The trips this year have been extensive and include a broader range of influencers, including those adjacent to the beauty community, and some with smaller reach than others. Now, one influencer is speaking out about inequalities in the way some influencers are being treated.