Seeking Sister Wife Justin ran for Texas Governor in 2022

Seeking Sister Wife Becky's husband Justin Ryan Cunneen ran for Texas Governor in 2022

Back before Seeking Sister Wife couple Becky and Justin Cunneen were canvassing Texas bars for a potential sister wife, they were canvassing Texas neighborhoods looking for potential votes as part of Justin’s campaign to be Governor of Texas!

Justin launched his gubernatorial campaign in early 2022 in hopes of ousting incumbent Greg Abbott in the November, 2022 election. He ran as an independent and listed the following as the issues his “campaign is built on:”

• Securing the Texas Border

• Second Amendment Rights

• Medical Freedom

• School Systems Getting Rid of Critical Race Theory

• Legalizing Marijuana

• Election Integrity

Justin’s campaign website included a bio, which didn’t mention polygamy (or the fact that Becky is the stepdaughter of cult leader and convicted child sex trafficker Tony Alamo).

Justin’s bio:

Justin Cunneen: The Change We Need

Taking our Government Back, Together

Justin is a 44 year old son, brother, father and husband. His parents raised him to be hard working, and to have a strong sense of integrity. He started working with his dad on remodeling jobs and as a chef.

As a Christian, Justin believes the creator put us on this earth to help and be there for others, specifically to love our neighbors as ourselves. He feels one of the best ways to do that is to be a representative of the people.

His vision is to be a real public servant as a voice for the voiceless, to uplift the downtrodden, and to stand up for the right of the persecuted. He will continue to use his blue collar work ethic to champion the rights of all Texans, from the richest to the less fortunate.

So let’s part ways from the conventional ways of voting in one of the career politicians and vote for one of us.

In April of 2022, Becky shared this message on Instagram with an overview of Justin’s platform and the plan to get him elected:

Dear fellow Texan,

Does the two-party system really work for us anymore? Think about it. The race between Greg Abbott and Beto O’Rourke will be very close, but the winner is already committed to the voters LAST.

Their first commitment is to the special interests that gave them millions and millions of dollars to be first in line. Especially their largest donors. Next, they owe much of their loyalty to the Party that sponsored them with millions more. And with the current strict focus on “identity politics” the winner will be responsive to their voters and most likely 48% plus of us will be completely ignored for the next 4 years and made to feel like “losers”. I don’t know about you but some of those “losers” will be my neighbors, friends, and even family simply because they preferred the elephant over the donkey or visa versa?

Everyone wins when we focus on the policies that help individuals more than they help corporations. I’m a fiscal conservative but am very open to discussing social issues with any voter. I believe in common sense solutions that help all Texans over those limited to the candidate who wins and owes favors to the special interests.
How can I possibly win?

It begins with you. Please sign my petition, donate and get a T-Shirt. Then volunteer one or two days a month. When enough Texans are wearing Cunneen Ts, we will get media attention and this “earned media” plus your grassroots contributions will make us competitive.

Then a true campaign of ‘People over Politics’ will light the fire that carries us all into the Governor’s mansion next January. It can happen!

Soon after sharing the campaign summary above, Becky posted a photo on Instagram that seems VERY similar to the Seeking Sister Wife scene in which she and Justin approach a random woman about being a potential sister wife:

The Justin Cunneen For Governor t-shirts were available to anyone making a $40 donation to the campaign.

Seeking Sister Wife Justin Ryan Cunneen Texas Governor campaign t-shirt

Justin Cunneen Texas Governor Campaign Results

Unfortunately, Justin Cunneen had about as much luck becoming governor as he did trying to pick up a sister wife at a bar.

According to Ballotpedia, Justin didn’t make it onto the November, 2022 ballot for Texas Governor. The site includes the results from the election, which included two write-in candidates. Justing was not one of them.

Justin is included in the Ballotpedia list of “withdrawn or disqualified” candidates.

It’s unclear if Justin still aspires to take over the Texas Governor’s mansion. Perhaps he is using Seeking Sister Wife as a platform to expose people to his charismatic personality and inspiring political insights in hopes of making another run in 2024? Stay tuned!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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