Scott Wern doesn’t regret taking $19k hospital signing bonus, tells Kenneth ‘stay in your lane’

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90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise and The Family Chantel star Scott Wern finally addresses the fact that he took $19,000 in signing and relocation bonuses from a Florida hospital last year before ghosting them.

Scott also calls out 90 Day Fiancé star Kenneth Niedermeier after Kenny responded to a video Scott made mockingly in regards to accusations that he is bisexual.

Scott takes $19k from hospital, gets sued

As Starcasm was the first to report, Scott Wern was offered a respiratory therapist job at Gulf Coast Medical Center in Fort Myers, Florida with a start date of April 5, 2023.

On March 22, 2023, Scott entered into a hiring incentive agreement that included the following perks for Scott:

• Relocation incentive of $7,500.

• Temporary housing allowance of $1,500 for his first three months of employment

• Sign-on incentive of $20,000, half of which was to be paid in his first pay period.

Scott attended orientation and education for employment with Lee Health on April 5 and April 6, 2023.

On April 14, he picked up a check which included $325.55 for orientation, $306.40 for education, and $19,000 in hiring incentive payments. Scott deposited the funds on the same day, and essentially ghosted the hospital.

Lee Memorial Health System sued Scott and was eventually awarded $22,216.43, which includes costs and attorney’s fees.

Five days after the final judgment was awarded to the hospital, Scott Wern filed for his fourth bankruptcy. Scott listed the Lee Health lawsuit in his Chapter 7 filing, but despite the fact that a judgment had been entered, he indicated the case was “pending” at the time.

In another section of the filing, Scott indicated Lee Health had a nonpriority unsecured claim against him in the amount of $19,000. Scott describes the debt as “Monies Loaned/Advanced.”

Scott Wern does not regret taking hospital’s money

In a video posted on Instagram on Sunday, Scott finally addressed the fact that he took $19,000 from the hospital then claimed that amount in his bankruptcy.

Scott’s comments were in response to a Moving Mad YouTube video that brought up the incident and lawsuit.

“He says I stole $20,000 from the hospital,” Scott begins. “I got a $20,000 retainer bonus that I did include in my [Chapter 7] bankruptcy…which I had every right to do that. I did that.”

Scott says he doesn’t want to talk about the topic, but continues to talk about it regardless. “Do I feel bad for the hospital? Absolutely not!”

Scott goes on to talk about about how several hospitals were required to pay back money they received fraudulently for some reason or another. Later in the video, Scott calls out Lee Health specifically for “fraudulent activity” and “over-billing.”

“Do I feel bad?” Scott asks. “No. Absolutely I don’t feel bad! Because I own all my mistakes.”

I assume from Scott’s comments that the debt from the lawsuit was discharged in the bankruptcy. It’s unclear if Scott listing the lawsuit as “pending” when it appeared to be have concluded would have been an issue.

I researched how civil lawsuit judgments are affected by Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings. does a wonderful job of breaking it all down. Here is a pertinent excerpt:

Assume the trial is over, the creditor won, and the judge awarded the creditor a money judgment. If the money judgment is for a debt you can discharge, like a credit card balance, and didn’t involve fraud, and the judgment creditor hasn’t placed a lien on your property, Chapter 7 bankruptcy will provide a quick and easy solution, allowing you to wipe your hands of the entire matter and pay nothing.

The site goes on to add that even if fraud was involved, it was the creditor’s responsibility to bring it up during the bankruptcy proceedings. It doesn’t appear Lee Health did that.

I do not know if Lee Health has the option of pressing criminal charges against Scott. I would assume such a large health company wouldn’t normally go to that length, but having someone with 115,000 social media followers proudly boasting about taking a signing bonus then disappearing and immediately filing bankruptcy might motivate them to look into it.

Scott Wern responds to bisexual swinger allegations

There have been rumors posted online that Scott Wern is bisexual and used to be a swinger. Scott credits Moving Mad, Reddit, and Reality Trash with spreading the rumors in a response video.

In the video, Scott is shirtless (of course) and he mentions the rumors before doing what appears to be a mocking impersonation of a gay/bisexual man. Here’s an excerpt from his video re-posted by @SHABOOTY on X:

You will notice that Scott says at one point: “I did this for you, Kenny.” That appears to be referencing 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Kenneth Niedermeier.

Kenny responds to Scott Wern

Soon after Scott posted the bisexual swinger video, Moving Mad shared a YouTube video that includes Kenny’s reported response to the Scott clip.

“Him trying to mock gay/bi men in a stereotypical tone is very telling,” Kenny wrote. “I’ll leave it at that.”

Here’s Moving Mad’s video:

Scott didn’t seem to value Kenny’s take on his video. “Poor Kenny. Kenny just needs to stay in his own lane,” Scott says.

“Kenny, just keep kissing TLC’s ass, and Armando’s ass. Stay in your lane, OK?”

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