LOVE DURING LOCKUP Season 4 cast names and bios

Love During Lockup Season 4 couples 2024

Last week We tv released the first preview trailer for the new season of Love During Lockup. The video included photos of six of the inmates who will be featured, but we didn’t have much information at all about them or their significant others. Until now!

Earlier today, WE tv dropped another preview trailer as well as a press release with names and bios for all the couples! Let’s start off with the dramatic trailer, first shared by Distractify:

The new trailer confirms the new season of Love During Lockup will feature the franchise’s first gay male couple! (Neither Chance nor Quaylon count.) It also confirms the new season will premiere on Friday, April 19 at 9/8c.

OK, let’s meet the cast!

Love During Lockup Season 4 Couples

Love During Lockup Andrew and Candice

Unfortunately for Andrew, his story is the kind that rarely finds a happily ever after in the Lockup franchise.

Andrew met Candice via a prison pen pal website and knew right away that she was “something special.” Described by WE tv as “a hopeless romantic who gives his all in a relationship,” Andrew “will do whatever it takes to give Candice her happily-ever-after.”

Andrew lives across the country from where Candice is incarcerated, but he has made the trip and shelled out money for an apartment as he plans to propose to Candice upon her release.

I’m getting very strong Chazz vibes here!

Love During Lockup Ayonna and Jamahl

Ayonna and Jamahl’s story looks to have EPIC drama potential! She’s a mom and a stripper from Lancaster, Pennsylvania who knew Jamahl before he went to prison. She knew Jamahl because he was in a relationship with her best friend!

Jamahl and Ayonna’s bestie broke up not long before he went to prison, but the time between was just enough for Jamahl and Ayonna to have a “brief fling.”

That’s a great recipe for messiness, but there’s more! “Unbeknownst to Ayonna, Jamahl has been keeping a secret that his family let spill,” reads the press release. “Will that be the beginning of the end?”

I’m assuming there’s a child or a marriage Ayonna doesn’t know about?

Love During Lockup Joey and Michael are first gay male couple for the franchise

As previously mentioned, Love During Lockup Season 4 will feature the franchise’s first gay male couple!

Joey is 48 years old and he lives in Boise, Idaho. With his parents.

Joey’s boyfriend Michael is out of the closet but currently in prison serving time for drugs.

Love During Lockup Rick and Samantha

Rick has been married twice before, and he wasn’t looking for a third. However, Samantha was his high school girlfriend, and he couldn’t resist taking another shot with her — even if she was in prison.

Rick has proposed and now the two of them are prepping for marriage as Samantha waits to be released.

OK, this is giving me reverse Melissa and Louie vibes! At least these two actually dated in high school, so it’s not quite as desperatey.

Love During Lockup Shonta and True

Shonta looks to be in the early running for this season’s Facepalm Award. In addition to dating a man in prison named True (😂), Shonta has reportedly taken on two mortgages so she could send True more than $30,000 over two years of dating. Oh, and did I mention the two have never met in person?

It pains me to say it, but I’m getting Joynomi and Redd vibes here!

Love During Lockup Tennie and Rob

Tennie is a mother of two from Yukon, Oklahoma. Meanwhile, Rob has been in prison for 16 YEARS!

Tennie and Rob are already married, but he doesn’t completely trust her. “Unlike most inmates, Rob has access to a phone which allows him to watch his family through cameras that are set up in the house,” the WE tv press release reveals.

Will the constant surveillance and suspicion be too much for Tennie?

The new season and the new cast look like they will definitely be delivering A LOT of drama and classic Lockup moments this season! Love During Lockup Season 4 will premiere Friday, April 19 at 9/8c on WE tv and will include eight one-hour episodes.

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