Love During Lockup Is Haley Cole still with the twins’ father? Plus, her classic rock band baby names!

Love During Lockup Haley Cole pregnant with twins

Love During Lockup‘s Haley Cole hinted that she might be pregnant again back in October, then she confirmed a pregnancy the following month by announcing she is expecting twins!

After initially being told she was having one boy and one girl, it was later revealed that both twins are boys. “OMG I AM DISAPPOINTED!” Haley captioned an Instagram sonogram on February 6.

Haley then revealed that her son Hendrix will be getting little brothers who also have classic rock themed names, assuming Hendrix was named after Jimi Hendrix.

“I have already picked out the names,” Haley wrote. “Baby B is baby Journey. Baby A is baby Zeppelin and we will call him Z for short! But regardless of the gender I am going to love and adore my boys!” she added. “All genetic test came back negative 🖤🤍.”

Earlier today, 29-year-old Haley shared an update on her twins and confirmed that she was sticking with the name choices.

“The BOYS 😍,” Haley began her caption for an Instagram gallery of sonogram images and videos. “ZEPPELIN weighs ONE pound ONE ounce, JOURNEY weighs ONE pound! They’re wiggle worms and healthy! My due date is still July 6th! I am praying I make it full term!!! #22weeks3days.”

Haley Cole’s pregnancy

Haley’s initial pregnancy announcement was just a couple of months after Haley and Dalton broke up when he was arrested for domestic assault on August 25, so some of her followers were openly wondering if Dalton was the father. Haley later confirmed that the twins’ father was her new boyfriend, Tyler.

“We got this babygirl,” Tyler commented on Haley’s twins announcement in November. “This is so wild most definitely shocked. We got this we gonna do great! 😍”

Unfortunately, it appears that Tyler and Haley don’t “got this” after all — it’s actually just Haley.

Haley Cole and twins’ dad Tyler break up

“OK, let me clear the air for all you nosey mother f***ers that feel entitled to know every little detail of my life because I was on TV for two seconds,” Haley began an Instagram story posted earlier today.

“No, I am not with the baby daddy any more,” she revealed. “That was the best decision for myself and my family, and I am very happy with that decision.”

More from Haley:

I have tons of support with me and these twins and my current son. I have a great big family and that’s all that matters. And these babies are healthy and they are taken care of. So, there you go. You can stop commenting on my pictures, asking where the baby daddy is at because he’s irrelevant! I am growing the babies. They are inside me. All that matters is they are healthy and I am healthy and Hendrix is healthy. That’s it! OK? Now you have your answers!

We commend Haley on her self confidence! Going from a single mother of one to a single mother of three overnight is going to be quite the challenge — great big family or not. We wish her all the best, and look forward to meeting more additions to her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame family!

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