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Scott Wern doesn’t regret taking $19k hospital signing bonus, tells Kenneth ‘stay in your lane’

90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise and The Family Chantel star Scott Wern finally addresses the fact that he took $19,000 in signing and relocation bonuses from a Florida hospital last year before ghosting them.

eScott also goes after 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Kenneth Niedermeier over his response to a video Scott posted joking about being bisexual in a “stereotypical tone.”

Scott Wern says 90 Day Fiancé cost him 3 jobs, bloggers are ‘in cahoots’ with TLC

Former 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise and The Family Chantel star Scott Wern continues to complain about how he was portrayed on both shows, and he says he has lost three jobs because of it. (He doesn’t mention the job he “lost” because he cashed the hospital’s $19k signing bonus then immediately ghosted them.)

Scott also lashes out at bloggers and writers for only writing negative stories about him. He claims that they are “in cahoots” with TLC.

Drunk Scott Wern trashes TLC, is unemployed living in a camper at his mom’s?

90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise and The Family Chantel star Scott Wern is going through it. Again.

The 52-year-old Instagrampa recently posted videos of himself drinking Fireball, singing along to Lady Gaga, and revealing that he is living in a camper in his mom’s yard after losing another job(s).

In addition to the potent potable pity party, Scott also lashed out at TLC for bad editing, which made him seem like a jerk and “a f**king cringy motherf**ker.”

90 DAY FIANCE Scott Wern files for bankruptcy. How much does he owe? EXCLUSIVE DETAILS

90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise star Scott Wern announced back in June that he planned to file for bankruptcy (after he asked followers for money and claimed to be in New York living out of his car). Scott has followed through on his promise by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on July 26. This will be Scott’s fourth bankruptcy filing, which seems to happen every nine years now.

Keep reading for LOTS of details from Scott’s filing, including exactly how much he claims to owe!

90 DAY FIANCE Scott Wern to file bankruptcy for the 4th time, living out of his car?

90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise star Scott Wern revealed earlier this month that he was living out of his car in New York as he asked his social media followers to send him money so he could return to his home in Florida. On Wednesday, Scott added that he will be filing for bankruptcy soon — which is something he has done three times before.

Keep reading for details from Scott’s previous bankruptcy filings, the last two of which were in 2005 and 2014. Basically, he appears to be on a nine-year cycle.