Seeking Sister Wife Vanessa Cobbs married again! PHOTOS VIDEO

Seeking Sister Wife Vanessa Cobbs gets married again! See her wedding photos and video!

Seeking Sister Wife Season 2 star Vanessa Cobbs made headlines in 2019 when it was announced she had left Ashley and Dimitri Snowden not long after their beautiful wedding ceremony featured on the show. Vanessa literally got as far away from the Snowdens as she could by jetting off to Perth, Western Australia.

Vanessa has remained in Perth for the past four-plus years, and it is there that she found her new love — and new husband! Vanessa Cobbs and Juan Sarmiento got married on December 29 of last year. She shared a gallery of Instagram photos from before, during, and after the ceremony:

The Snowdens’ potential sister wife from Seeking Sister Wife Season 3, Tayler Middleton, offered up her congratulations to Vanessa in the comments.

“Vanessaaaaa!!!” Tayler wrote. “🥹🥹🥹 wow babe. This is so beautiful! You deserve this and so much more!!! Congratulations 🥰🤗🎁😘✨”

“Thank you so much, beautiful! 🥰,” Vanessa responded. “You actually predicted I would end up with someone from South America! 🤯 Do you remember telling me that?!”

“Awww man!!!” Vanessa added. “Wow wow wow!!! Lol I do!! That’s too funny. And I’m not at all surprised!! You deserve good loving!!! 🤗❤️”

In addition to the Instagram gallery, Vanessa also shared a video on Facebook:

Starcasm managed to track down an extended video from the wedding that includes the ceremony itself and the reception! The video reveals Vanessa and Juan tied the knot at the Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney:

Who is Vanessa Cobbs’ husband?

Vanessa mentions in her response to Tayler that her husband is from South America. Vanessa doesn’t appear to have shared much information publicly about her new boo, but Starcasm can reveal his name is Juan Sarmiento and he is a filmmaker originally from Colombia.

It’s unclear when Vanessa and Juan started dating, but they have been working on film projects together for years. (Vanessa is an actress who has appeared in multiple productions since arriving in Australia.)

The oldest connection I could find between Vanessa and Juan is her starring role in Turning Point, a short film written and directed by Juan Felipe Sarmiento. There is an Instagram post about the production with a still featuring Vanessa posted by Dolly Llama Productions in November of 2020.

After that, there are numerous posts with both Vanessa and Juan, including a gallery from Vanessa’s sister’s baby shower, at which Juan was the bartender.

Vanessa Cobbs and the Snowdens

Vanessa Cobbs married the Snowden family in a wedding ceremony featured in the second season of Seeking Sister Wife. She remained with the Snowdens until after the Seeking Sister Wife Tell All special was filmed.

Viewers were shocked when producers shared a text-only update after the Tell All aired. “Since the taping of this Tell All, Vanessa has separated from Dmitri and Ashley Snowden,” the message read.

After the Tell All and the update, Vanessa and the Snowdens issued statements about the separation. “We wish Vanessa nothing but peace and happiness along her personal journey,” the Snowdens said, “and ask that you do the same, for her, and for us.”

Ashley and Dimitri wanted everyone to know that it wasn’t their lifestyle’s fault. “We know that it’s not polygamy to blame, as one doesn’t blame monogamy when things don’t work out.”

Vanessa iterated the Snowdens’ point about polygamy not being at fault in the split. “I still believe that polygamy can be, and is, a beautiful thing,” she wrote.

“I was ignoring my inner guidance which was telling me that I do not belong with them in the capacity that they need me to,” Vanessa further explained. “I now know that just because you love someone (or a family), does not necessarily mean that you are meant to be with them. Sometimes their long-established dynamic is not aligned with your own personal growth and path forward.”

The Snowdens were later accused of domestic abuse and more terrible things by other sister wives. Vanessa responded to posts made by the women making the accusations with numerous supportive comments.

Congratulations to Vanessa and Juan! Just like many Seeking Sister Wife viewers, we are big fans of Vanessa, and we’re so happy she has been able to move on from her failed marriage with the Snowdens.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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